IA - SNAP applauds Judge forcing diocese to list accused priests

An Iowa judge is ordering Davenport Catholic officials to publicly list three accused priests on their diocesan website. The accused priests are Rev. John Bonn, Rev. Michael Broderick, and Rev. William Dawson.

We applaud this judge and her ruling. The public needs and deserves to know more, not less, about clerics who commit and conceal child sex crimes. Parents and parishioners need and deserve church officials who honor, not disregard, commitments to be open about pedophile priests.

We also applaud Katie Bowman. Her courage and persistence is helping to peel back deeply-held and long-standing corruption and crimes in the Davenport Catholic hierarchy. She's helping to show that church officials continue to prefer secrecy over transparency.

We hope anyone who saw, suspected or suffered crimes by these three clerics - or other current or former Davenport Catholic employees - will find the courage to speak up, get help, expose wrongdoing, protect kids and start to heal.


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