How child advocates are fighting child abuse during COVID-19 pandemic

As more people spend time at home, child abuse cases are expected to rise. Plus, with kids being out of school, many of these cases are going unnoticed.

However, there are things people can be doing to protect these kids.

“If we think about the stress of raising young children in an average day and compound that with being isolated from your friends and family, having potential income loss, and not knowing when they’ll potentially have work again, it can compound very quickly.”

Kristen Davis with Prevent Child Abuse TN explains with those extra stressors, child advocates worry even more about kids, especially since they’re not seeing them in person.

“One in five reports of child abuse and neglect nationally come from educators,” Davis said.

Now, educators and youth leaders are getting creative. They’re coming up with signals students can use in virtual meet ups to indicate they need help.

In a similar vein, PCAT is making sure to get face to face contact with the families digitally so they’re still able to check in.

“We’re still able to lay eyes on the kids and still see what’s happening in the home,” Davis said.

She says while people are all still man...

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