HI- Man sues Honolulu Diocese for abuse and cover-up

We applaud this brave man for coming forward and using the tried-and-true court system to expose crimes committed against him. 


It is heart-wrenchingly difficult to come forward and talk about abuse, especially when one of the men who abused you is a former bishop. Most importantly, however, is the fact that this brave victim is exposing a priest--Fr. Bolger--who is still living in Honolulu and who still has unfettered access to children.

Bolger is now the second retired priest in the Diocese of Honolulu to be accused. And although the men have multiple alleged victims, Bishop Clarence Silva has done little to nothing to ensure the safety of children in his diocese RIGHT NOW who are at risk from either Fr. Bolger or the other accused retired priest, Fr. George DeCosta.

We beg Bishop Silva to remove the faculties of both of these men and inform the communities where they live of the risk they pose.

We hope that anyone who has been abused in Hawaii--no matter the abuser-- comes forward and reports to law enforcement. We also urge anyone who has seen or suspected abuse to call the police, not church officials

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