Groomer of Victims in Christian Cult Sex Abuse Case Says that She was Abused, Too

A woman who helped procure teenage victims for the leader of a Christian cult is now claiming that she was abused within the group as well. We applaud the California attorney general for investigating this cult and preventing other children from being harmed. Sadly, we see similarities between this case and another recent sexual abuse scandal.

Alondra Ocampo, who procured young girls to be sexually abused by Samuel Joaquin Flores, the leader of the La Luz del Mundo cult, says that she was the victim of years of sexual abuse at the hands of Flores and his father. This situation reminds of the accusations against Ghislaine Maxwell, who helped procure young victims for notorious sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein. To us, both cases show that perpetrators will use any person or tool at their disposal in order to gain access to victims and continue their crimes. Our hearts ache for all the victims in this case and we hope that they are getting access to the kind of support and healing resources that they need.

This case is only being exposed due to the steadfast work of Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Sexual abuse victims already face an uphill battle when coming forward, and that is only compounded when victims are young and have been systematically victimized. We are grateful to A.G. Becerra’s team and applaud them for pursuing this complex case, navigating its twists and turns in service of the victims, and preventing Flores and his colleagues from identifying, grooming, and abusing more children.

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