Giving Tuesday 2013


A devout husband is frustrated with his wife because she won’t pray before going to bed. It turns out that, as a child, she was sexually assaulted by her fundamental Christian pastor who insisted on praying with her as he “tucked” her into bed. Now the husband wants SNAP to help his wife and help him cope with his desire to murder the pastor, who still runs the church and visits family homes. To ensure SNAP will be there for husbands like this, SNAP needs your support.

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many non-profits are urging their supporters to donate today, on what’s being called Giving Tuesday.

We hope you’ll consider a gift to SNAP. Here’s why we need your help and why you should be particularly generous with us.

We in SNAP are asked to expand while the corrupt institutions that protect predators are attacking us and the UN is listening! Now is a great time to give!

  • The legal attacks on SNAP are taking their toll.  

More church officials are trying to depose us and get victims’ private emails. These subpoenas are distracting and hurtful on several levels. First, fighting for victims’ privacy takes valuable time away from exposing predators, protecting kids and helping victims. It takes many hours to find, brief and brainstorm with pro bono attorneys across the country. And we’re spending more and more time reassuring worried survivors, whistleblowers, witnesses and concerned Catholics who ask us "Do you have any documents with my name on them? Will those records have to be turned over?"

We need your help now because we are simultaneously being asked to expand at the same time we are being attacked.

More and more victims and advocates are seeking our help in other denominations and institutions and nations. They recognize that, after 25 years of toiling on behalf of victims, SNAP has emerged as the “go-to” place for preventing and recovering from sex abuse. 

  • Three of the requests we received yesterday include: 

---The husband mentioned above who wants to quell his urge to murder the minister who raped his wife when she was a little girl.

---A brave survivor in Iowa wants to repeal the statute of limitation for child sex crimes but wants support from SNAP.

---A young woman from a small middle-Eastern country who was raped by a priest as a teen says she wants to learn how to stop crying and only wishes she could speak out like survivors in the United States do. While she is prohibited from speaking about her abuse she finds hope on the SNAP website and now knows she is not alone. 

  • We still work at holding church officials accountable

Human rights experts across the globe took notice when SNAP leveled charges at the International Criminal Court accusing top Vatican officials of committing crimes against humanity. Now two different committees of the United Nations have called Vatican officials to give an accounting. This is the first time ever that Vatican officials are being called to task by the UN.

  • Protecting children or seeking accountability for abusers shouldn’t be controversial, but it is. 

We do not get foundation funding—we rely on a core group of supporters, like you, who understand the importance of this work, that success is possible, and all we need to do is keep up the fight.  We are making a difference in the lives of so many, but we need you to ensure that we can continue to do so.

We firmly hope you will be particularly generous with us. 

While we continue growing, church officials have ramped up the attacks on us. (These attacks are, of course, actually a sign of our success. If we were not having an impact they would be ignoring us.)

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help so many of you have provided over the years. Now we need your help more than ever. We are committed to keep on. Please don’t let the detractors succeed in stopping us. Send a generous donation now!

Please know that children will be safer, victims will find help and their loved ones will feel some of the peace they have been missing for years because you support SNAP. More truth will be exposed and more predators and enablers will be held accountable because of your generosity.

Please give today!

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Thank you for considering! 

David Clohessy
SNAP Executive Director
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