Germany- Clergy sex victims respond to Catholic study cancellation

Once again, Catholic officials are backing away from a commitment they've made about the pedophile priest crisis. 

This time, it’s German prelates. They’re reneging on what they promised would be an independent study of clergy sex crimes.

We’re disappointed but not the least bit surprised. When clergy sex abuse and cover up scandals erupt, bishops often promise the sun and moon and stars to mollify parishioners and the public. When attention begins to shift elsewhere, bishops often quietly pull back from their pledges and go back to “business as usual.”

Church officials can’t or won’t adopt meaningful reform. Such pressure must come from external sources and secular authorities. We hope that government and law enforcement officials understand this and will step up their efforts accordingly, so that German children are safe from child molesting clerics and their complicit church colleagues.

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  • Dave Burns
    commented 2013-01-09 15:19:47 -0600
    Way to close to the fire. Benedict was AB of Munich. Dirty linen will never be washed. Many more exCatholics on the way.

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