Geneva- Clergy sex victim available on Friday re UN report

Second UN panel to judge Vatican for child sex crimes & cover ups

Geneva-based Committee Against Torture releases report Friday morning

A clergy sex abuse victim with SNAP will be available for interviews in Geneva

On Friday, May 23 from 10:30 a.m. until 2 or 3 p.m., Miguel Hurtado will be available for interviews about the United Nations Committee Against Torture's new report on clergy sexual violence and cover ups in the Catholic church.

He is a London resident who was abused as a child in Spain and is now a leader of an international support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

He will be either directly outside the United Nations building (Place des Nations, 1202 Geneve) or across the street in the park near the Broken Chair monument. 


Miguel Hurtado (in Geneva) cell +44 7787 638245, [email protected] 

Barbara Blaine (in Chicago) +1 312  399 4747 cell, +1 312 455 1499 office, [email protected] 

David Clohessy (in Missouri) +1 314 645 5915 home, +1 314 566 9790 cell, [email protected]

Barbara Dorris (in Missouri) +1 314 503 0003 cell, [email protected] 

There are also dozens of local SNAP volunteer leaders on the SNAP website who are local spokespersons for the group: Also please check the SNAP website for details, media statements, etc.

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  • Robert Verhoff
    commented 2014-05-24 11:05:57 -0500
    I have come to the conclusion also that the “church” and Dolan have control over the network channels. For sure Charlie Rose will not report about the UN report since he is buddy, buddy with Dolan.
  • Lani Halter
    commented 2014-05-23 19:01:27 -0500
    I commented 5 mins ago on a different SNAP posting and will comment the same, here:
    I finally was able to see the re-broadcast of your webcast today. And, was very grateful to have been able to see it and to notice that you, Mrs. Blaine tried to answer my question that involves a request to you to try to effect the tv reporting on national TV stations of the release of this new UN report.
    I was happy to learn that it has already been reported by the NY Times and The Guardian, and Reuters, but saddened to learn that apparently you haven’t seen the only reporting I’ve seen on the TELEVISION today regarding catholics and the pope, in any way: and that is, that thus far, on several major TV news stations, I have only seen two or three different reports of the pope going on a trip to Jordan and Israel today —that was on the Today Show, and CNN and MSNBC, So far today, I have heard and seen nothing on the release of this Report by the UN Committee on TELEVISION. I truly hope that ALL the three TV networks that broadcast news, nationally every day here (CBS, NBC and ABC) broadcast the news of this report and its contents TODAY.
  • Glo Ramsay
    commented 2014-05-23 04:07:58 -0500
    Waiting in hopeful anticipation of some kind of vindication for all of the thousands of victims who experienced the terror and trauma of sexual abuse by one who was entrusted to bring the compassionate unconditional love of Jesus Christ to a vulnerable little child, but instead portrayed Jesus as a torturous sadistic evil god to be feared betrayed and terrorized by.
  • @ tweeted this page. 2014-05-22 13:58:20 -0500

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