GA - Victims blast Atlanta minister accused of sex crimes

At least four individuals - two men and two women - are accusing an Atlanta minister of infecting them with the HIV virus. It's awful when a pastor breaks his bonds of trust and honor and abuses his position by sexually exploiting congregants. It's even worse when he actively spreads HIV among them.

In criminal matters, one is innocent until proven guilty. Yet it's hard to imagine four adults lying about Pastor Craig Davis of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in Atlanta. If convicted of this disgusting crime, we hope that Davis will be jailed for a long time so he can't hurt others.

We are grateful that Davis has been arrested, but disappointed that he was released so easily on bond. We suspect his victims are right when they describe him as a “master manipulator.” So his role, personality, HIV status and alleged crimes put others in the Atlanta area at risk. We hope that no one else is victimized by David and that anyone else who may have seen or suspected his crimes, whether at Full Gospel or elsewhere, will come forward to the police immediately.


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