Former Vicar General in Steubenville Removed from Parish

A former Vicar General from the Catholic Diocese of Steubenville has resigned in disgrace from his parish position due to a financial scandal that dates back to his time as Chief Financial Officer in the diocese.

Msgr. Kurt Kemo resigned his position in late May and the move was publicly announced by Bishop Jeffrey Monforton in mid-June. While his financial misdeeds are what finally got the attention of Catholic officials, we are glad that Msgr. Kemo has resigned due to his previous inaction on cases of clergy abuse.

Notably, a victim of Msgr. Mark Froehlich reported her abuse to Msgr. Kemo when he was the Vicar General in January of 2018. Despite this report, no action was taken until the victim reported her abuse again in May, after Msgr. Kemo had moved on from this position. The fact that the monsignor chose to take no action on a case that was quickly acted on by his successor is disturbing. We are grateful he is no longer in a position of power in the diocese.

This story is a reminder of the need to report all crimes, be they financial or abuse related, to police and prosecutors, not Catholic officials. We hope that others who reported their complaints to diocesan leaders like Msgr. Kemo in the past will be encouraged to come forward to secular authorities today.

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