Former St. Mary’s School principal thinks clergy sex abuse disclosure is incomplete

By Jake Schild, The Daily World, January 23, 2016

A former nun who worked at St. Mary’s School in Aberdeen during the 1970s and ‘80s believes the recently released list of priests accused of sexual abuse is incomplete.

The list, released last week by the Archdiocese of Seattle, also should have come out earlier, said Mary Dispenza, who was the principal of St. Mary’s for 10 years starting in 1973.

The list was published “as part of the Archdiocese of Seattle’s ongoing commitment to transparency and to encourage persons sexually abused by clergy or by anyone working on behalf of the church to come forward,” the archdiocese said  . . . 

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  • Mark Sanchez
    commented 2016-01-25 09:26:28 -0600
    In my particular case, (, and upon the conclusion of the 2010-2013 civil procedure’s…I formed an opinion about the process of motivating Bishop’s to be forthcoming; and for bishops to tell the truth—Bishops communicate through a vast legal team assigned to their particular Archdiocesan issue’s regarding pedophilia…In San Antonio Texas, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Sillers’ own personal legal eagle’s, submitted many reasons why the Church should not be sued in a civil court for its many crime’s against myself. And like; the many other time’s before my particular case…The Bishops ran for the shelter of the statute of limitation’s …However, I suffer from repressed memory, thus, the statute provided the bishops no shelter…My mental and physical conditions are the result of their combined Godly effort’s; and as such, the Catholic Church and Vatican in Rome created me…To conclude. In the year 2 0 I 3, I was asked by presiding Bexar County Court of Law Judge, K. Stryker; to describe what Father Louis P. White did to me—One of the things that I said to her was; “I have no soul,” “they (the church) took my soul.”— To this day, there has never been any representative from the Catholic Church contact me with regards to that issue…So. — I believe each and every move the Bishops made was meticulously calculated by the Bishops and their legal team…Bishop’s, and the Prince’s of the Church, do not make error’s when it come’s to matter’s regarding their crime’s against children, and contemporarily speaking; their freedom…No, by their conspired example, and by their diligent efforts, Bishops have convinced me…The Vatican and Its Cardinals, and its Bishop’s and their brethren; are no more than highly educated and deviant calculating men—Centuries of time, has taught these men to protect and hide, what they hold most dear; Gold, Glory, and Opulence…God ? Consequently, they are no different than the men in the Seattle Archdiocese…
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