Former Catholic Brother named in a civil lawsuit in Charlotte already identified as an abuser; SNAP reacts

Al Behm, a former Catholic Brother with the Glenmary Home Missioners (GHM), has been accused of sexually abusing a boy in the Diocese of Charlotte in a recently filed lawsuitBehm was identified as an abuser by the GHM in October of 2019 and is also named by the Diocese of Charlotte, although only as someone who was "accused elsewhere.Behm left the Brotherhood in 1993. We are disturbed that from that time until a couple of years ago, the former Brother has been free to continue working with children in unsuspecting communities.

In fact,, the Catholic watchdog group, says that as recently as December of 2020, Behm volunteered in Thailand at the Phaung Daw OO Integrated Monastic Education School. Per the school's website he had been there for about a year, and had worked previously with other children in Thailand.

To us, that is why all allegations of child sexual abuse must be reported to and investigated by secular authorities. We do not yet know when the accusations against Behm were first brought to the attention of the GHM, only that the abuse apparently took place in the 1970s. However, we suspect that the assaults committed in Charlotte could have been prevented if Catholic officials cared more about the protection of children rather than their image.

We commend the victim who has come forward and filed this lawsuit. We also encourage anyone with knowledge of abuse by Behm or others to come forward to police or local authorities. 

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