Failure to punish enablers gives predators more chances

Stories like these are indicative of the dangers that come when sex abusers have their crimes covered up. Joseph Piña was known to have abused kids in the 1970’s. He himself admitted this abuse. And yet because his crimes – grossly mischaracterized by Piña as “a relationship” – weren’t reported to police, Piña wasn’t made to register as a sex offender.

And then he ended up working in a school system.

Had Piña’s crimes actually been reported to police, the chance of him working around kids again would have been near zero. Instead, Piña continued to work within the church for at least three more decades. After he was defrocked in 2006, the reverberations of the cover-up continued, and Piña was able to get a job working in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

I don’t know if any kids were hurt while Piña was working in the LAUSD, but I do know that Piña posed a threat to kids there. His therapist said he was a threat. And this threat went unchecked.

This is one reason that we always make it a point to ask for punishments for those who covered up sex crimes, and not just punishments for those who committed the abuse. The cover-up not only enable the initial abuse, but potentially enables future abuse as well, and puts more and more kids at risk.


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  • Patricia Sulecki
    commented 2013-02-12 16:26:42 -0600
    I feel at this time “that the Child molester found a loop hole; in the religious system” by;becoming a Priest “so they can be protected by the Pope and the Statute of limitation so they can get away with hurting children.The Priest aren’t treated like all other Child Molesters ?
    people believe that if they treat a Priest like any other Child Molesters that God will strike them; What people have to stop and ask themselves;would God want these Priest to be raping,molesting hurting children ? I can’t trust Priest anymore,with or without the black & white uniform on” how can we know for sure;is he a child molester or isn’t he.

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