Facebook watch show ‘Red Table Talk’ reveals celebrity host and guests’ ‘Betrayal by Trusted Adults’, SNAP stands with those victimized.

In an episode of ‘Red Table Talk’- The Estefans, both Gloria Estefan and guest Claire Crowley revealed publicly the abuse they suffered at the hands of trusted figures. Estefan disclosed that she was sexually abused at age 9 by a male family member at his music school. Crowley talked about her experience of being abused by a priest.

Any child at any moment could be subject to sexual abuse, predators do not discriminate. We admire the courage of Gloria Estefan and Claire Crowley for sharing their personal story, it will help thousands of others feel they are not alone and maybe encouraging them to get the help and support they need.

Our network here at SNAP includes people from all walks of life who share a common bond of lifetime trauma from the effects of being abused sexually. Together, we work to heal, protect the vulnerable, and seek truth and justice. As we now know through the airwaves of media, the less fortunate, the wealthy, singers, athletes, professionals in all fields are among those that have held onto this pain as well.  Whether you are male, female, LGBTQ, blue-collar, or white-collar, our experiences and coping skills show the suffering. Sadly, many victims have been lost to suicide, overdose, and untreated medical issues.

Survivors and advocates from SNAP stand in solidarity with all survivors of sexual abuse and hope that they will have the chance at healing and the justice they deserve.

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