Diocese of Charlotte releases list of clergy credibly accused of child sex abuse

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Diocese of Charlotte released a list of clergy members credibly accused of child sex abuse since the diocese was established in 1972.

Dioceses nationwide started revealing the names of church leaders accused of abuse, but the Diocese of Charlotte had not yet released a list of all priests with credible allegations until Monday.

Channel 9 has been pushing for it to be released for months.

The list revealed 14 clergy credibly accused of sexual abuse of a minor since 1972. You can read the list by clicking here.

The diocese said the list contains details about each Charlotte Diocese clergy and the allegations against them. It also includes information about six accused clergy members who served in western North Carolina before the Charlotte Diocese was established.

The list also reveals information on 23 clergy members who served in the Charlotte Diocese but were accused of sexual abuse elsewhere by other dioceses and religious orders.

Allegations were deemed credible either through law enforcement, the diocese’s Lay Review Board or a review of the diocese’s personnel files.

Attorney Seth Langson represents sex abuse victims and said he knows priests who should be on the, but are not.

“The list is incomplete,” Langson said. “There’s no transparency.”

Langson also questioned how the diocese determined which allegations were credible.

“(It) really calls into questions what credible means, because they are determining credible,” Langson said. “That’s like being your own judge and ju...

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