Dangerous Dozen KC MO credibly accused predator priests (9/18)

(NOTE: the first three clerics are NOT on the official KC MO accused list)


1--Fr. Deusdedit (a.k.a. ‘Fr. Deo’) Mulokozi, who was expelled from the Jefferson City diocese after having been credibly accused of ‘boundary violations’ with a 15 year old Sedalia girl. But Fr. Deo’s current supervisors, a Kansas City-based religious order called the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (816 781 4344preciousbloodkc.org), quietly moved him, first to Liberty MO, then to Houston TX, then to Tanzania where he’s working now around even more vulnerable kids.


Fr. Deusdedit worked at three parishes: St. John the Evangelist in Bahner, Sacred Heart in Sedalia and St. Patrick in Sedalia. He is on the Jefferson City diocese’s list of clerics ‘found by the diocesan bishop to be unsuitable for ministry out of concern for the safety of our youth.’



2--Fr. Martin Juarez, who attended UMKC in the 1970s. He was born in 1946 in Kansas City, KS and attended Colby Community College and seminaries in Denver and San Antonio. 


In a 2017 lawsuit, he was accused of sexually abusing a nine year old at St. Matthew's in Topeka for three years in the early 1980s. Fr. Juarez was defrocked in 2005. His name appears on the ‘credibly accused’ list put out by the Kansas City KS archdiocese a few months ago.



3--Fr. Donald Redmond, who is on the Kansas City KS archdiocesan ‘credibly accused’ list and who was put on leave in 2002 after allegations surfaced that he abused at least one child in Iowa in 1960s. At least three more victims from a parish in the Kansas City KS archdiocese came forward after his suspension. Complaints involved inappropriate touching of elementary school children between 1961-1964. After the accusations, he was sent to live at St. Benedict's Abbey in Atchison KS. But in 1964 and 1965, he worked in Kansas City MO at Bishop Lillis High School.



4--Fr. Thomas J. Cronin, who was ordained in the Kansas City MO diocese in 1969 and was sent to Nevada in 1997. He is accused of repeatedly raping a teenage girl. After the victim filled a civil suit, Fr. Cronin was found to be working at a Catholic church in Fernley Nevada and trying to start a homeless and battered women’s shelter.

He was suspended from his Nevada parish only after SNAP publicly accused both the bishops of Reno and Kansas City of “recklessness” for keeping Fr. Cronin on the job even after the suit was filed



5--Fr. Michael E. Brewer, who was accused in a 1993 lawsuit of having molested a 17-year-old boy in 1990 at a Kansas City MO parish. Other families from the parish are a said to have complained that Brewer inappropriately touched their boys as well. Brewer was transferred to another parish. He left the priesthood in around 1993, and moved to Colorado in 1995. He became an attorney and in 2012 became the executive director of a foundation in Boulder whose mission is to serve disadvantaged youth and their families. 



6-- Fr. Stephen J. Muth, who is a Toronto native but was ordained in Gary in 1982. He also worked in Canada, Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Kansas and three cities in California (San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Clara).  A Byzantine Catholic priest, Muth was ordained in Toronto, Ontario in 1982. He later worked in several U.S. Roman Catholic dioceses as well as U.S. Byzantine Rite eparchies. He was accused in 2006 of having sexually abused a 12 year-old boy in Wichita, KS in 1992.

From 2010-2011, he was at Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Whiting Indiana but since then, his whereabouts are unknown.




7--Fr. Michael Tierney, who has been named in several civil child sex abuse lawsuits, starting in 2010.



8--Fr. Michael Rice, who was just ‘outed’ last week and worked with another credibly accused predator, Fr. Thomas Ward, at St. Margaret’s in Lee’s Summit. He also worked at Our Lady of the Presentation parish, also in Lee’s Summit, starting in 1986.




9--Fr. Mark A. Honhart, who was ordained in the Kansas City diocese in 1980 and worked here until 2002 when he was transferred to New Mexico and then to Pennsylvania. Three civil lawsuits have been filed against him (all involving Kansas City youngsters).

Fr. Honhart was removed from active ministry by the Scranton diocese in 2011 after a man accused him of having sexually abused him as a boy in the Kansas City MO, where Fr. Honhart spent most of his career. Two more men surfaced with similar accusations later that same year. The accusers said they were between 8 and 12 years old when they were abused.

He was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and was ordained for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. Fr. Honhart also spent some time as a priest in the Sante Fe diocese. 



10--Fr. Hugh F. Monahan, who has been accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys, including one boy who he let move in with him in a parish rectory at age 16. Another accuser said he told diocesan officials in 1979 that Monahan had abused him, but in 2011, church officials denied knowing of accusations against Monohan at that time. Monahan left the priesthood in 1989, moved to Florida and eventually to San Juan, Puerto Rico. His whereabouts since June 2003 are unknown. 


11--Fr. Thomas M. Reardon, who has been named in more than 20 lawsuits as having sexually abused boys, typically including plying them with alcohol and marijuana. Two other priests were named as having participated with Fr. Reardon in abuse of boys. Many incidents were reported to have taken place at a lake home and in church facilities. Fr. Reardon had several chancery positions, including with the Catholic Youth Organization. He left the priesthood in 1989 and went on to become a substance abuse counselor. In 2011, the KC MO diocese said in Nov. 2011 that Fr. Reardon was being defrocked.



12--Bishop Joseph A. Hart, who may soon be charged with abuse in Wyoming and will supposedly face a rare Vatican trial. Hart was sued at least eight times for molesting KC kids and is accused of abusing kids in the Wyoming Catholic diocese, which he headed for 13 years. http://www.bishopaccountability.org/assign/Hart_Joseph.htm


Abuse reports against Hart surfaced publicly 17 years ago. And last month, the Wyoming diocese publicly deemed Hart a “credibly accused” child molester.


In June, Vatican press office director Alessandro Gisotti confirmed Hart’s upcoming trial in Rome to Catholic News Service. [email protected] 

Every known abuse lawsuit against Hart has been settled but he’s never been criminally charged.


In Kansas City, Hart worked at five parishes: Guardian Angel (1956-62), Visitation (1962-66), St. Therese (1966-68), St. James (1968-69) and St. John Francis Regis (1969-76). From 1964-76, he was the vice-chancellor of the KC MO diocese. In 1976, he was promoted to Wyoming where he headed the state-wide diocese until retiring in 2001.

Hart’s lawyers are R. Lawrence Ward (816 753 1000) and Tom Jubin (307 637 4965). Hart’s victims have been represented by KC attorney Rebecca Randles (816 510 2704). The Wyoming diocesan chancellor is Patti Loehrer (307 638 1530, [email protected]) and the Cheyenne Police Department spokesman is Kevin Malatesta (307 633 6653). 



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