Dallas bishop promoted to El Paso; SNAP’s worried

We are troubled by the promotion of Bishop Seitz from Dallas to El Paso. Seitz comes from a diocese (Dallas) with a disturbing record on children’s safety and from a school (St. John’s University) with an even more disturbing record on children’s safety.

-See BishopAccountability.org and http://www.behindthepinecurtain.com/wordpress/welcome

We hope that Pope Francis will appoint church officials who aren’t so closely tied with institutions that have dismal track records on children’s safety.

We hope Bishop Seitz’ first act in El Paso will be to alert parishioners and the public about former Cathedral High School principal Stephen Furches, who is accused of sexually assaulted an El Paso child in the late 1980s. The lawsuit against Furches has received little public attention. We suspect there are others who were assaulted by Furches who are still suffering in shame, silence and self-blame. Bishop Seitz should aggressively seek them out. He should also emphatically urge anyone who may have knowledge or suspicions about Furches’ crimes to contact law enforcement.


Whenever a Catholic official is promoted, it’s tempting to be hopeful. When it comes to clergy sex crimes and cover ups, often Catholics assume that the new guy will be better than the old guy. But that’s a reckless assumption. Complacency protects no one. Only vigilance protects kids.

So we urge El Paso Catholics to be skeptical about Seitz. We urge them to judge him by his deeds, not his words, and by his performance, not his promises.

And we hope that every single person who witnessed, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes and cover ups in El Paso will find the courage and strength to step forward, call police, protect kids, expose corruption and start healing. And we hope they’ll contact secular authorities, not church officials.


To read more: http://www.courthousenews.com/2012/08/16/49365.htm

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  • Mark Holmes
    commented 2013-06-30 03:30:51 -0500
    I have tried to raise awareness of the lawsuit against Furches in El Paso, and intend to keep trying. It’s an uphill battle. Bullying is a key part of the culture at Cathedral High (“it’s a private school; leave if you don’t like it” is the standard rationalization; they’re pretty arrogant about it), and then you have the pedophilia, but for too many people in El Paso, they can do no wrong at Cathedral. They turn a blind eye to the bullying, the rowdiness that you don’t see at public schools, and four years ago there was a massive theft from the locker room during a football game between Cathedral and Santa Teresa High, a public school in nearby Sunland Park,NM, and people zeroed in on the Santa Teresa kids when it could have been the Cathedral kids just as easily. They have teachers being arrested on drug charges, and of course there’s the pedophilia stuff, and people aren’t anywhere near as concerned about any of that as they would be if and when this happens at a public school. All I can say is, beat the drums as loud and often as you can, everywhere you can.

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