Convict priest takes the 5th in deposition; SNAP applauds victim legal teams

(For Immediate Release March 31, 2022) 

According to a news report from WGN Chicago, convicted former priest Daniel McCormack’s legal problems are not over as he and the Archdiocese of Chicago face multiple civil lawsuits. We are grateful to the victims and attorneys who continue to press for justice and hope that their efforts will result in more victims feeling encouraged to come forward, make a report, and seek help.

McCormack is one of Illinois’ most prolific sexual offenders. In 2018, a judge ruled Fr. McCormack was “sexually violent” and confined him to the detention facility for sex offenders indefinitely, but despite that decision, McCormack was released in November 2021. We are distressed that someone with a violent history as McCormack was allowed to be released, especially since predators do not ever stop offending.

This is why we stand in ovation for the hard work being put forth by attorneys who are still seeking justice, validation, and reparation for their clients. To us, it is critical that the Archdiocese of Chicago is scoured again and again, for they enabled and shielded this serial pedophile. We are especially concerned that the public knows very little about McCormack’s crimes. We are convinced there is crucial information about how Chicago Catholic officials dealt with this notorious predator that church officials are still hiding. Just as important, we believe, is information about other clerics who committed and concealed awful crimes against kids that are similarly still being hidden.

Sometimes, victims delay coming forward out of fear that their experience will be dismissed. Clearly, the attorneys in the case against McCormack and the Archdiocese of Chicago want the whole truth for their victims. We believe this may empower others who have been abused to step forward and get the help they need. 


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