Connecticut State AG

Dear Attorney General Tong, 

After reading reports of the Pennsylvania grand jury, I can no longer trust that my children are safe in the State of Connecticut. I am both outraged and disturbed by what they found.  

As a resident of the state of Connecticut, I ask and implore you to conduct an independent investigation into probable sexual abuse of children and minors by clergy in the Catholic Church. Serious criminal acts were committed by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania. We fear harm to hundreds or perhaps thousands of children in the state of Connecticut have also occurred.  

The shocking Grand Jury Report demonstrates a cavalier disregard for children’s health and safety. It is imperative that the investigation include the following three factors: 1) be independent and separate from the church, 2) employ subpoena authority, and 3) compel testimony under oath.

Our community relies on you and other organizations of law enforcement for the safety of our community. Perpetrators of these crimes, and those responsible for covering up these crimes, need to be held accountable.  This initiative will protect future children from sexual assault in our great state. We need to make the very strong statement that there will be criminal consequences for protecting an institution over the safety and well being of a child.  

Out of the 1000 victims in the state of Pennsylvania, only 2 will be able to seek justice due to PA SOL laws.  

Since there are no statues of limitations against felony sexual assault in Connecticut, the victims in our state have an opportunity to finally seek justice. The PA Grand Jury Report is replete with story after story of how the Church turned their back to their victims. Please don’t do the same to the victims in Connecticut. These survivors deserve more from this great state.    

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.




CT State AG

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  • Melanie Sakoda
    followed this page 2019-04-28 15:15:10 -0500
  • Robert Tombari
    commented 2019-01-09 13:46:56 -0600
    Attorney General Jepson or Sucessor. 9 January 2019

    I wrote this immediately after watching Ned Lamont being sworn in as our New Governor. I hope that Governor Ned Lamont seriously addresses this matter

    Attached please find a letter addressed to you generated by SNAP, of which I am an active member. My Story, I was sexually molested by a Catholic Priest in 1955 when I was a ten year old fifth grade student at St Joseph elementary school in New London CT, The offender was a frequent dinner guest at our family home at (Then) Seaside Sanitarium in Waterford. My family was a devoted Catholic family, and thus I was required to attend a Catholic school and attend regular services on Sunday, and Holy days of obligation. Following the incident had I revealed the incident to my parents I am sure I would have been called a liar, had my mouth washed out with soap, and sent to bed without dinner. I refused to return to St Joseph’s school the following session, and completed my Primary education in public schools. However I was forced to attend Marionapolis boarding school in northeast Connecticut, and managed to have myself expelled. I lived with this secret for many years, suffering flashbacks, nightmares, and a constant feeling of the presence of The “Reverend”. I did notify the Diocese perhaps in the early 2000’s of the event, and they referred me to a therapist, and the Diocese paid for what my health Insurance did not cover. I was disappointed that the Diocese did not pay the full cost of my consing. I feel that I benefited from the counseling, however I still suffer from flashbacks, nightmares and the presence of my offender. I understand that the statute of limitations for prosecuting this matter expired on my 49th birthday, which was many years ago, I am Now 75 yrs old. I request that the Statute of limitations for this matter be eliminated, and us survivors be allowed to take legal action for compensation for the emotional pain and suffering we suffered as a result of being violated by “MEN OF GOD”, and perhaps women (Nuns) also. I request that you reply to this letter, and and assist we who suffered at the hands (Pun intended) be justly compensated. I am an active member in the Connecticut chapter of SNAP, and will continue to be actively involved in actions against the Catholic church until Justice is served. Certainly you are aware of the activity in New York State, and Pennsylvania in this matte, PAY ATTENTION, and do what is proper and ethical to compensate we victims of abuse by religious authority figures. To quote a Bob Dylan (an acquaintance of mine) lyric "There’s a battle outside a raging, you better take notice or you’ll sink like a stone, for the times are a changing!)

    Robert J. Tombari
    860 334 1738
  • robert connelly
    commented 2018-10-14 14:21:54 -0500
    I attended Holy Family School in Fairfield, CT from ’65 to *th grade graduation in ’70. My parents went through a nasty split and divorce from ’66 to ’68, with my Father being awarded custody of 4 boya, ranging in age from 3 to 14. I was 11 when the divorce was finalised. Someone at the school (Head Nun, maybe) suggested Robert Rugg as mentor for me to my Dad, and as full as his hands were, considering the circumstances, he accepted the recommendation. The short story: I was subjected to 6 to 7 months of rape (oral and anal), and psychological manipulation, by aforementioned Rugg. And this has had a HUGE negative impact on me, ever since. ’Til the day I die. Another legacy of the Catholic Church that will never be set right.

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