Clergy sex victims blast new CDF head

The Pope talks of “binding up the wounds of abuse.” Yet he promotes bishops who ignore, conceal and enable abuse. Today’s CDF appointment is more of the same.

Before he was raised to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, Cardinal William Levada helped cover up abuse in California Oregon. But as best we can tell, at least he never knowingly put a convicted child molester back into ministry without warning the parishioners and the public.

That’s precisely what Levada’s replacement, Archbishop Ludwig Mueller, did just eight years ago.

In August 2007, Fr. Peter Kramer was arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse (this was eight years following his indictment for child sex crimes in 1999). Although Kramer had a demonstrated history of abuse, it was revealed after the trial that following his arrest in 2000, then-Regensburg Bishop Mueller reinstated Fr. Kramer in 2004.

Pope Benedict had hundreds of options here. Yet he deliberately elevated a bishop who knowingly put kids in harm’s way. This choice rubs salt into the already deep and still fresh wounds of thousands of suffering victims and millions of betrayed Catholics. It’s more proof that the ongoing child sex abuse and cover up crisis in the church is no crisis at all to Pope Benedict. It’s apparently a minor annoyance to be dealt with only by soothing words and symbolic every few months, when public outrage reached a fever pitch in this country or that country.

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