Clergy sex victims blast Mormon bishop deal; SNAP responds

We are very disappointed. Those who conceal suspected child crime from law enforcement should be severely punished.

Rojas’ lawyer claims the bishop never “intended” to hide these crimes. At worst, that’s a lie. At best, that’s irrelevant. What matters is the impact of his secrecy, which was to give a child molester more time and opportunities to destroy evidence, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, discredit whistleblowers, fabricate alibis, and molest more kid.

We understand the pain of these families and their reluctance to pursue charges more vigorously. On the other hand, however, all of us must balance our wishes to protect our loved ones with the needs of children to be safe and the needs of society to deter child sex crime cover ups.

Now, the burden falls on Mormon officials. They should permanently oust Rojas from any leadership position in the church and publicly excoriate him for failing in the most basic duty of every adult – protecting kids.

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