Cincinnati Auxiliary Bishop Should Be Removed from USCCB Committee

Vatican officials may be investigating Cincinnati’s top Catholic official, but regardless of what Vatican officials do, we believe church officials in the US should act now to remove one of Cincinnati’s bishops from a key national committee.

Assistant Cincinnati Bishop Joe Binzer has a seat on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’s (USCCB) abuse committee. He should not be serving on this committee in any capacity unless it is to be an example of what not to do. For at least six years, Bishop Binzer minimized and ignored allegations made against Fr. Geoff Drew, taking no disciplinary action against the priest despite the fact that he had been the subject of multiple complaints. 

In fact, Bishop Binzer has been called out by law enforcement officials in Cincinnati for his “absurd” handling of the Drew case. We believe that he should be called out by his brother bishops as well, and immediately removed from this committee. It is clear to us that, based on his handling of abuse cases, Bishop Binzer is not someone who should have a voice in how other church officials handle cases of abuse.

If the USCCB wants this committee to have any semblance of legitimacy, Bishop Binzer should be removed immediately.


CONTACT: Dan Frondorf, SNAP Cincinnati ([email protected], 513-706-7403), Zach Hiner, Executive Director ([email protected], 517-974-9009)

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  • True Catholic
    commented 2019-09-17 08:00:39 -0500
    Bishop Binzer should be removed from the USCCB Abuse Committee, but his actions are only absurd if you look at them as “His” actions.
    During the period of time of the Father Geoff Drew investigations there were ordained individuals in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati that called out the actions of Father Jeff Bacon concerning his activities with minor children. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr threatened one with the removal of his faculties and another was accused of being disobedient to his bishop.
    A priest of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati met with Chancellor Father Steve Angi on September 11, 2018 concerning the actions of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati concerning this situation. It was reported to the family that based on his conversation with Chancellor Father Steve Angi, this was investigated thoroughly. Unfortunately , there was not enough evidence to pull the Dallas Charter into affect. Sadly it seems it is very difficult to assess what constitutes ‘grooming’ of a young person.
    When questioned about Father Bacon on August 6, 2019, during a question and answer session at St. Maximilian Church attended by hundreds, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr responded they had given help to this person and she was very appreciative to them. He also stated that Father Bacon had been laicised.
    Difficult to assess ‘grooming’ of a young person?? A laicised priest never reported to the laity or listed on the Archdiocese website?? Archbishop Schnurr did not know about civil authorities investigating Father Drew??? There is either blatant incompetence controlling the Archdiocese of Cincinnati or there is criminal behavior. This is not absurd behavior and Bishop Binzer is not the only one who needs to be removed.

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