Churches are discriminating against job seekers for being sex abuse victims — and it’s legal

By TOM BOGGIONI, Raw Story, April 15, 2016

Faced with what appears to be an epidemic of child sex abuse cases, U.S. churches have taken to asking prospective employees if they have ever been sexually assaulted based on the belief that a childhood attack may result in the victim becoming an potential abuser.

Writing at the Daily Beast, activist and journalist Zack Kopplin notes the rising tide of churches requesting the sexual history of job applicants as a condition of employment — including porn-viewing habits.

While churches should be commended for taking a hard look at applicants who might be working with small children, Kopplin points out they have another motive.


Wary of civil lawsuits when a church employee is arrested for sexually assaulting a parishioner or their child, churches have begun  . . . 

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