Church sex abuse survivors criticize Pope

By NBC Nightly News

March 5, 2014

On Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis’ strong words – printed in Italy’s largest newspaper -- caught some parishioners by surprise.

To watch the video, click here. 

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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2014-03-06 11:51:06 -0600
    Thank you for posting this NBC Nightly News video. I spent way too much time on the internet last night, trying to find it for myself. (I had been in the kitchen, cooking my dinner when I heard “snippets” of this story; stopped and went into the living room when I heard Mrs. Blaine’s name.)
    Thank you, so much for appearing on this segment of the evening news broadcast, Mrs. Blaine, and for your comments in support of victims . I wish that MSNBC had given YOU a full interview, instead of Leo Rulli, as they did this morning. I really believe that it is difficult to not get discouraged in this battle. It does help that you founded SNAP, and it does help that Mr. Clohessy, Mrs. Dorris and all the leaders and members of SNAP keep fighting the good fight. It does help that the CCR joined forces with SNAP and filed the lawsuit in the ICC. However, even though I believe we must prevail, it does seem so overwhelming at times. I find myself “wishing” that we (those opposed to catholic church pedophiles and enabling of the same), could find some person who would be as compelling as Martin Luther was in his day, and literally post our list of grievances and demands for change on the doors of St. Peter’s in the vatican, without being harmed or arrested. This is obviously, still a gargantuan “David vs. Goliath” battle, and sadly, the pope doesn’t believe there is another “David”, among us. So he is not afraid to continue the deceit and heinous crimes. SHAME ON HIM.

    Yes, I agree with Patricia S. All living clergy and laity who have actually already been determined to have committed sexual abuse and/or abbetted the same in this country, should have to be registered as sexoffenders; at the very LEAST.
  • Patricia Sulecki
    commented 2014-03-06 10:10:28 -0600
    We have to get the all Priest, Nun’s ; who have raped, tortured, abused children as registered sex offenders; there is so much evidence, prof and so many of us victims to get them as sex offenders" ………We have to get Obama/Biden to hear all of our horrible abuse……………………..

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