Chaput silent while Lynn makes wild claims; SNAP responds

It’s disingenuous for Msgr. Lynn to claim, through his lawyers, that “no new children or young adults were harmed" because of his decisions. Lynn knows most child sex abuse victims can’t speak up and it takes years or decades for almost any child sex abuse victim to step forward.

And it’s laughable for Lynn to claim he used “good judgment.” He acted selfishly, callously, recklessly and deceitfully – to advance his career, maintain his status, and protect his boss. He knew child sex abuse was a crime. He knew he should have called police. But he didn’t take even this simple, proven step to protect kids.

Shame on Msgr. Lynn and his lawyers for claiming he shouldn’t be prosecuted for child endangerment because he didn’t directly oversee kids. Does that mean that a zookeeper who deliberately unlocks all the cages can’t be prosecuted because he didn’t directly oversee public safety?

And shame on Archbishop Chaput for tolerating such outrageous defense. Lynn is an archdiocesan priest on Chaput’s payroll. At a bare minimum, Chaput should denounce Lynn for such insulting, hurtful hair-splitting defense maneuvers.

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