Catholic Priest in Michigan Faces More Criminal Charges Thanks to Attorney General Investigation

More charges against an allegedly abusive Catholic priest have been brought forward thanks to the work done by Michigan’s attorney general. The progress being made in Michigan should be a signal to other attorneys general around the country that children can be protected in their own states by launching a secular investigation into clergy abuse immediately.

The news that more charges are being brought against former priest Gary Jacobs, and that more victims have come forward, reinforces the obvious wisdom of having investigations conducted by trusted secular authorities. This is especially true since a recent AP report found that 40% of all priests listed by bishops as being “credibly accused” are alive, and generally not monitored. It is clear that A.G. Nessel is making Michigan safer each time her office uncovers a crime and ties it to its perpetrator. We are grateful for the continued diligence of the Michigan Attorney General. As more offenses are discovered and exposed, the system of hiding that crime is also uncovered and can be addressed.

It is important to remember that only offenses committed by living priests or ex-priests can be prosecuted by A.G. Nessel. However, without a doubt, other crimes have been committed by clerics who are now deceased. We hope the continued progress made by A.G. Nessel will inspire other survivors and whistleblowers to contact her hotline (1-844-324-3374) and share what they know about clergy sex crimes.

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