CA - Victims blast ongoing LA Catholic secrecy

Los Angeles archdiocesan officials are being accused of defying a judge’s order and withholding records about clergy sex crimes and cover ups. 

Their strategy has been clear from the outset: at all costs, delay, delay, delay, in the hopes that outrage will subside, victims will give up and their lawyers will walk away. Shame on these Catholic officials. Five years ago, they made a promise to hundreds of victims and thousands of parishioners. But they’ve spent every day since then reneging on that promise. They continue to renege even now.

LA Catholic officials, including Archbishop Gomez, have fought long and hard to keep as many secret as long as possible. We see no evidence that this defiant arrogance and selfishness is changing in any way.
Gomez can say anything he wants about Mahony. But as long as he keeps acting like Mahony, nothing in the archdiocese will change.

What matters is not one symbolic gesture by Gomez about his predecessor. What matters are the practical, daily actions by Gomez about clergy sex crimes and cover up. And on what matters – whether Gomez honors his promises, obeys court orders, and gives crucial information to the public, police and parishioners - Gomez continues to be as disappointing and disingenuous as Mahony.


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