CA- SNAP urges compassion for alleged Jackson victim

Wade Robson's lawsuit against Michael Jackson's estate might be quickly dismissed by some. But not by us.

Some may have trouble understanding how a young man might testify on behalf of an adult who molested him as a child. We don't. 

Child predators are usually cunning and shrewd. They're often determined to maintain control over their victims, even into adulthood. And the more powerful they are, the more successful they are at manipulating and dominating and tricking their victims, again, even after their victims reach the legal age of majority.

So we suspect Robson's suit has merit. And we know it doesn't deserve to be dismissed out of hand by skeptics. We urge anyone who may have seen, suspect or suffered Jackson's crimes to step forward, expose wrongdoing, and start healing. And we especially urge Jackson's fans to keep open minds and resist the temptation to rush to the defense of a deceased man and, in the process, hurt a living man.

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  • Marcella Perillo
    commented 2013-06-03 04:49:52 -0500
    And i should support a living man who is hurting 3 minors? NO WAY!
  • nan norris
    commented 2013-05-14 01:13:53 -0500
    I support victims of sexual abuse but not this guy..I read his testimony .He was very forthright and adamant in his defense of MJ, as he had been for years..always ..
    Now he has financial problems and decides to do a complete about face , just as a huge trial goes forward for wrongful death, and there are BILLIONS of dollars are at stake.
    And he is looking for money also..
    AEG , who this man has been affiliated with , had said this trial would get very dirty , and POOF like magic , this mans claims come out..I found the timing of this EXTREMELY troubling..
    These are also supposed to be suppressed memories that had been triggered,
    He wasnt called by the prosecutors , he was called by the defense .If Jackson had touched him , he wouldnt have asked someone to get up there and hopefully not remember..
    Jackson wasnt suffering from any suppressed memories..
    BTW it was Jackson side that was calling Ray Chandler who had a book about regarding his nephew Jordan to come to court
    He was on tv lamenting that Jordan wuldnt come in , when he HIMSELF was fighting to stay out of court.
    ALL the Chandler men refused to say anything under oath or go to criminal court.
    “There is alot more to this , then what you see on television..
    They are interested in ratings , not the truth.
    The accusations made by employees who sold tabloid stories after stating under oath earlier , that they saw NOTHING untoward happening were shot down in cross examination.
    The 2005 accuser ended up admitting that Jackson had been avoiding him since their first meeting , Was caught in HUGE lies as was the rest of his family.
    Their own lawyer from a previous accusation of sexual molestation came in for her DEFENSE and said thery made accusations up and his secretay, came in and said the mother admitted to her she was lying and threatened her.
    He was also put in contact with Jackson because he was supposed to be dying and that wasnt true.
    They actually EXAGERATED a cancer diagnosis to raise money adn meet celebrities.

    Jay Leno , who dislikes Jackson , even had to come in and say the boy called him and he realized the family was looking for “MARK” and wouldnt take their calls anymore.
    BTW this would be the 4th time a member of that family had alleged sexual abuse witnessed by another member of the family and had gone to atty s looking for money., if I can keep track.
    The mother also commited perjury in her welfare application stating she had no money , when she had collected hundred of thousand from JC PENNY claiming sexual asssault , that her sons supposedly witnessed.

    This familys atty fees were already signed and in place even as they continued to try and interact with Jackson.
    That has been the pattern with every accusor of jacksons.

    THe DA had a website for 10 years asking people to come forward ,NONE came.
    After Jacksons arrest he asked alleged victims to come forward ..NONE came.
    Now you are asking people to come forward , yet again when this is a civil action with only MONEY involved , after this man who has defended him and done tributes before and after his death , and recently lost the job in Vegas with the estate doing a show for MJ , comes forward.
    I think you need to read court documents regarding the 2005 trial wherenot only the current case litagated , but the 93 accusations were also,, before you label someone a predator. Jackson was acquitted on every single count including 4 misdemeanors the prosecutors asked for at the end of trial, and actually had a note read by jurors saying they were confident in those verdicts ,

    You should respect those verdicts , because that is where the truth came out , not tabloids.

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