CA - SNAP calls for independent investigation into LAUSD

The LA school district needs to thoroughly and independently investigate the hiring of a pedophile priest, Jose Piña. 

Piña, who was credibly accused of abusing kids in the 1970’s, and was defrocked by the church in 2006. Shortly after that, he got a job working in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Because no criminal charges were ever filed, Piña was able to avoid being forced to register as a sex offender. His story, however, was well covered in the media.

If indeed the district was told about the child sex allegations against him, someone should be fired. The investigation should also look at who saw news accounts of Piña's suspension and didn't follow through and kept him on the payroll.

At the same time, however, Superintendent John Deasy should be praised for agreeing to check his/her employees list against lists of proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesters in the Catholic archdiocese and Scouting. By taking this step, Deasy is making sure that a situation like the one with Piña is far less likely to occur.

We urge every employer to take this simple, inexpensive step that protects everyone - kids, employers, co-workers, and neighbors. Many child predators are never made to register as sex offenders, and by cross-checking databases like the one at, employers can ensure that those offenders who slipped through the cracks of the criminal justice system don’t slip further into positions that places them around children.

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