CA--Proposed initiative to reform and eliminate Civil & Criminal Statutes of Limitations

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Elimination of Civil & Criminal Statutes of Limitations pertaining to sex crimes against children.

San Francisco, California – William Lynch (Proponent) announces granting of Title and Summary by the California Attorney General and the beginning of the qualification process for a 2016 California ballot measure.

William Lynch was sexually assaulted when he was 7 years old. Like a textbook case of child sex abuse, Will told no one. When the truth came out 20 years later, Will was informed that the criminal statute of limitations had expired when he was 13 and the priest could not be prosecuted.

After exhausting every legal remedy to bring his attacker to justice, Will confronted the retired priest. A physical altercation ensued, and Will was arrested. Will’s trial brought international media attention to the issue of child sex abuse. During the trial, Will took the stand, and told the truth. In a landmark victory and contrary to the law, the jury acquitted Will of all charges exercising jury nullification.

After his acquittal Will founded RISE (, an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting other children from a similar fate.

After Gov. Brown vetoed SB 131, Will declared that politicians and the legislative process could no longer be trusted to protect children. He has developed a solution that relies on the collective will of the voters to stop child sex abuse once and for all by passing the 2016 California Ballot Initiative that eliminates the criminal and civil statutes of limitations on sex crimes against children.

Will’s story is one of savage perpetration, hard-fought redemption and a promise for the future.

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On behalf of every child at risk, thank you!


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