CA--Kansas predator priest works now in California.

Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego

349 Cedar Street

San Diego, CA 92101


Dear Sister DuVall:

Your agency no doubt does wonderful work for and with many vulnerable families. But why are you risking their safety by employing Fr. Paul Hosler? For the well-being of your staff and clients, we urge you to fire him.

For 17 years, he’s been “on leave” from the Kansas City archdiocese. We believe he has sexually exploited at least one vulnerable adult parishioner who went to him for counseling. We suspect he has done the same to other families, some of whom are likely suffering in shame, since and self-blame.

In the 27 years our group has been around, we’ve seen hundreds of predator priests – those who brutally abuse children and those who shrewdly manipulate adults – move from active ministry into other jobs where they can gain access to and power over vulnerable families and gratify their urges and devastate more lives. Do not let this happen at Catholic Charities.

Please go to our website: Enter his name in our search box. You will learn enough about him to be troubled.

Please educate yourself about clergy sexual misconduct, especially regarding vulnerable adults. It’s always wrong and hurtful for doctors to have sex with patients, therapists to have sex with clients and ministers to have sex with congregants. That’s especially true in Catholicism, where parishioners are taught, from birth, to respect and trust priests as holy celibate men who can forgive sins and get them into heaven.”

In 17 states, it’s a crime for a cleric to have sex with a congregant.

We beg you to err on the side of being prudent, not reckless. We beg you to fire Fr. Hosler and use your resources to aggressively reach out to any one – especially current and former staff and clients – who may have seen, suspected or suffered his misdeeds or crimes.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

David Clohessy

Executive Director, SNAP

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

7234 Arsenal Street         

St. Louis MO 63143         

314 566 9790[email protected]


P.S. Please do not hide behind purported privacy concerns. The safety of the vulnerable trumps the privacy of predators.

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