CA- Jesuit priest lies under oath; SNAP responds

We call on prosecutors to charge Fr. Jerold Lindner with perjury. To let him get by with lying on the witness stand would be an affront to Will Lynch, other child sex abuse victims, and to justice itself.

We call on Fr. Lindner’s Jesuit supervisors to publicly denounce him for his outrageous, callous and deceitful conduct. Fr. Lindner is on the Jesuit payroll. The Jesuits house him. The Jesuits likely recruited, educated, ordained, trained, transferred and shielded him. They can’t distance themselves now from his hurtful actions. They can’t silently sit by while he essentially mocks his victims in public.

Lindner walks free today for two reasons. First, many of his Jesuit Catholic supervisors and colleagues shrewdly have concealed his crimes for years and years - and still do. Second, many archaic, predator-friendly laws make prosecuting child predators tough.

With child sex crimes and cover ups, it's almost impossible to get Catholic officials to reform. So the only real remedy here is to eliminate outdated laws – like the arbitrary statutes of limitations – that encourage predators and their allies to shred evidence, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, discredit whistleblowers, fabricate alibis and "run out the clock" on their horrific crimes.

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