Brave survivors hold Bishop Finn accountable!

photo.JPGYesterday, SNAP stood with over a dozen clergy abuse survivors in Kansas City, who had been part of a large settlement with the diocese in 2008. What makes this event so unusual is that these peope had included 19 non-economic conditions as part of their settlement. In just three short years, officials have violated at least six of those promises over twenty times. 

These brave survivors have chosen to hold Bishop Finn accountable and have filed a lawsuit to force diocesan officials to attend arbitration and to have an independent party monitor their compliance.

These courageous survivors could have taken the easy and maybe the more healthy course of saying we have exposed our predators and warned the community. They were wise enough to get the promises in writing in a binding contract and are once again part of a legal action to protect kids.Reporters ask the survivors why they were upset. They responded that once agin they felt betrayed, that they had hoped their actions would protect others. Our hats are off to this amazing group.

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