Boise Priest Defrocked by the Vatican, SNAP Responds

A Boise priest whose trial uncovered incredibly violent child pornography and chat logs was defrocked by the Vatican today. While it is unlikely that this priest will ever get out of prison, we hope that church officials continue to keep tabs on him instead of simply washing their hands.

Fr. W. Thomas Faucher was sentenced last year to 25 years in prison for the possession of incredibly violent child pornography. During his trial, online conversations were revealed in which Fr. Faucher spoke in detail of his desires to rape and murder young infants. 

It is clear that an offender like Fr. Faucher should receive the stiffest penalties possible from both the state and his employer. And even though he was sentenced without the possibility of parole, we hope that church officials will continue to monitor his whereabouts and status. This is especially crucial given the recent AP News investigation that discovered nearly 1700 abusive priests were living without oversight from church officials, giving them an opportunity to offend again.

Finally, we hope that this news will encourage others who may have been hurt in the Diocese of Boise to come forward, make a report to law enforcement, and start healing. 

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