Sample Letter for SOL Advocacy

Here is a sample letter that you can use when reaching out to your state representatives and encouraging them to take up the important issue of statute of limitations (SOL) reform. We have also included some helpful links to other information and resources you can use in your advocacy efforts.

Open Letter to Catholic Employees

Dear Catholic Priests, Deacons, Brothers, Nuns and other Employees,

Soon, according to Church policy, you will be a 'mandatory reporter,' required to tell your supervisors about any information or suspicions you have about known or suspected child sex crimes, the abuse of adults by clergy, or cover ups.

The Protect Every Child Initiative to Combat Child Sexual Abuse

For the past two years, Sam Young has led a one-man charge to reform the LDS church and to protect children within the Mormon faith. Now, Sam is taking his campaign nationwide and is urging everyone to take one of three simple actions that can protect EVERY child.

A Homily for Fr. Gary Hayes

Fr. Gary Hayes has gone home to the Lord.  I wish to express to his family sincere condolences on his passing.  While suffering with Cancer is extraordinarily painful, debilitating and frustrating, it brought Gary home to you because family is where we look for comfort.  Your brother once said, “What is most meaningful often comes from your worst suffering”. In his last suffering with cancer he found the most meaningful relationships, you his family.  He confided in me just a few weeks ago how incredibly happy he was to have rebuilt and strengthened his ties with each of you and how important those bonds were to his heart and to his healing.  He was eternally grateful for your love and incredible care.

In Memory of a Giant: A Eulogy for Fr. Gary Hayes

Our movement is filled with brave, eloquent survivors who have uttered lines at news conferences that fill me with pride and amazement. One of them is Fr. Gary Hayes. Or I should say “was.” Gary has passed away.

New Study Points to the Importance of Civil Justice for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

A new study has been released today from the Center for Justice and Democracy at New York Law School and the findings are important for survivors of sexual abuse and their advocates.

An Exciting Announcement from our Friends at CHILD USA

Our partners at CHILD USA are strong advocates, great partners, and dedicated professionals who are working to change the statutes of limitations for cases of child sexual abuse around the country. They have just announced an exciting new venture and we are excited to share their news with you! See below for the full release from CHILD USA:

SNAP is Going to Rome! Here's How You Can Help

We are taking the fight to Rome and are standing up for all survivors on a world stage! From February 19-25, Board President Tim Lennon and Seattle SNAP Leader Mary Dispenza will be traveling to Rome for Pope Francis' Papal Abuse Summit. But these two brave leaders can't do it on their own, we need your help to make this trip effective.

Why Letters Matter from Frank Collins

If Pope Francis is to make a real impact on clergy abuse, he will need to have heard from survivors first-hand about what they experienced. In order to help him understand, Dottie Klammer and Frank from Virginia had this great idea: the Pope Blast Project. From February 21-24, the Pope is holding a major summit on abuse, and before that summit begins we are going to make sure he hears from survivors around the world by filling his mailbox with survivor stories. To read more about this idea and why it is important, read the letter from Frank below.

Research Request: Have you been hurt by a priest or the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings?

Have you been hurt by a priest or the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings?  We’d like you to share your story.

Mary Sue Barnett and Debra Meyers are working on a collection of personal stories coupled with scholarly articles for publication in a book titled The Implosion of the Roman Catholic Church and the Reformation of True Spirituality.

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