A New Organization Aims to Force Church Officials to Confront Clergy Abuse during Advent

A recently founded organization aims to force the Catholic Church to truly reckon with the clergy abuse crisis during this Advent season, and we like their creative approach. 

A Look Back on the Social Media Action on #AllSurvivorsDay

We recognized All Survivors Day on Saturday, November 3 with events around the world and online! Check out the Wakelet below for a brief highlight of the many different voices that were raised, events that occurred, and calls-to-action to support survivors around the world.

Give Voice to Survivors, End the Silence - A Speech by Tim Lennon on All Survivors Day

The below speech was delivered by Tim Lennon at the inaugural All Survivors Day event on November 3, 2018 in Philadelphia's Independence Mall.

We gather in solidarity with victims and survivors sexual abuse and assault. We honor the courage of those who have come forward and shared their story. They have provided leadership and guidance to the many victims who suffer alone and in the dark.

A Petition to protect children and hold Lutheran clergy accountable

SNAP Austin Leader Carol Midboe is calling for change in the Lutheran church. Add your voice to hers by signing this petition that is calling on Lutheran clergy to end child rape and hold abusers accountable!

On the Responsibility of Proper Reporting on Sexual Abuse

Reporters have a tough job. They need to churn out content quickly, accurately, and often on several different subjects over the course of the day. Reporters also have a powerful job in that their writing can affect the way people think about issues of the day and the way readers talk about those issues, whether gathering around the water cooler or dinner table.

Spotlight on SNAP Toledo Leader Extraordinaire, Claudia Vercellotti

One of SNAP's impressive volunteer leaders was recently profiled for the "Alumni Spotlight" for her Alma Mater. Way to go, Claudia!

Meet Claudia Vercellotti
Tiffin University MS in CJ Graduate
Advocate for Victim Rights

Could you tell us about your background? (hometown, education, etc.)
I was born, adopted at 3 weeks of age and raised in Toledo, Ohio in a loving family, where I was the middle child and only girl. Fortunately, raised with two brothers, I was pushed at a young age to believe that I could do anything the boys could do.

Guest Blog: Marking an Odd Ten Year Anniversary

The year is moving quickly to a close but before it does, I wanted to note an odd anniversary. It was ten years ago that SNAP was the butt of the most outrageous criticism in our three decades of work.

The Catholic Church’s #NotAllMen Moment

An international Catholic organization is planning to use the last Sunday in October to recognize and applaud priests who have not abused children or vulnerable adults.

The idea behind “Priesthood Sunday” cannot be more misplacedObviously not all priests are abusing children. It is also obvious that many Catholics are outraged over the abuse scandal that has engulfed their church. Because of this, we cannot help but feel that “Priesthood Sunday” as organized by Serra International is little more than the Catholic Church’s “#NotAllMen” moment.

Opinion: The Crux of the Catholic Abuse Scandal, and How to Fix it

Written by David Clohessy, October 22, 2018, Social Policy

Politicians in the US don’t insist on being called Your Eminence or Your Grace. They don’t ask citizens to kneel before them or kiss their rings. That’s because we live in a democracy. There is, however, a different kind of government. It’s called a monarchy when using polite language, or more bluntly, a dictatorship. In it, those at the top hold virtually all the power and are accountable to no one.

The oldest and biggest example of this system is the Vatican. And in a nutshell, this is why clergy sex crimes and cover-ups continue in the Catholic church. This is relevant now of course because of last week’s scathing grand jury report into six Pennsylvania dioceses. It’s sending shockwaves across the church and beyond.

#MeToo, One Year Later

One year ago this week, the New York Times first ran its bombshell report on Harvey Weinstein. In the fallout of that article, the #MeToo movement re-emerged. Started by the activist Tarana Burke and led by brave survivors who wished to share their experience –in many cases, for the first time – with the world, the #MeToo movement has spread from Hollywood to cities large and small across the nation. While the full effects of the movement will be thought about, written on, and studied in classrooms for years to come, it’s hard to underestimate those effects today.

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