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Have You Seen Me Lately

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

Before I begin, I want to share that in Albany, NY, there is a bill gaining momentum in the state legislature aimed at making it easier for adult survivors of sexual assault and abuse to file lawsuits. This bill comes about due to society beginning to recognize sexual abuse and the abuse of power.

This is huge. Things are beginning to happen. Can you imagine what would happen if people began coming forward? Just the recognition alone.

The Circle Game

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all. I am very fortunate to have my mom still around and one of my sons dropped off flowers and I heard from my other two as well. I kind of adopted an adult relative so I consider him a son too as he has no other family. I even heard from my ex-husband which I thought was nice and what I think all fathers of children should do for those children’s mothers….as it shows respect. In a perfect world, anyway. I wonder what he wants….

David Clohessy: The Worst US Bishops

Blog by David Clohessy, former Executive Director of SNAP and longtime survivor advocate.

The most secretive and reckless US Catholic bishops are the men heading these dioceses:

Memorial Tribute to Marcel G. Gagnon: First Co-Founder of SNAP’s New England Chapter

Marcel G. Gagnon
January 8, 1939 – April 30, 2021

SNAP pays tribute to Marcel G. Gagnon, one of the earliest supporters of our mission. We offer our condolences to Marcel’s family and friends.

Marcel G. Gagnon, of Old Orchard Beach, died suddenly on April 30, 2021 in Portland, Maine.  He was born in Biddeford on January 8, 1939 to Adolphe (François-Xavier) and Delvina (Canuel) Gagnon.  He attended École Saint-Joseph, and Saint-Louis High School, where he played drums in the marching band.  After his graduation in 1958, he joined the U.S. Army, and received training in what would become his vocation, culinary arts. He served at Fort Devens, MA, Fort Bragg, NC, and in Keflavik, Iceland.  Following the Army, he worked for several years at the Colonly Hotel, for 25 years for Reilley’s bakery, and then for another 20 years for Maine Medical Centre coordinating Bakery Services.

Marcel’s sense of duty carried on through his involvement in first the Cub Scouts, followed by his work in the Boy Scouts, where he was Troop Master for Troop 309 for several years. He was forever proud of having taken the troop on a cycle tour of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, travelling aboard the Prince of Fundy. Marcel was also involved in advocacy for sexual abuse survivors and co-founded with his wife, Claudette, the first SNAP New England Chapter in Maine.  He was also active in his faith community of that period, serving as a Eucharistic Minister.

MK Safety Net Becomes Bronze Level Sponsor for SNAP’s Mini-Conferences

We are delighted to announce that MK Safety Net has become a Bronze Level Sponsor for SNAP’s 2021 virtual mini-conferences. Each of these one-day conferences is free to attendees and will provide new resources for support of and education to our audience of advocates, sexual abuse survivors, and their families.

Diamonds and Rust

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

I have heard it said that until you learn a lesson, it will keep repeating.

Let me be clear, I’m not blaming anyone for what was done to them. What I am saying is….do you ever ask yourself why a certain something always seems to happen to you?

The Question

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

One of the rules of SNAP is that we are not supposed to ask for or give advice. Yet many survivors have important questions and seek guidance and reassurance. The best way, of course, to learn and to share knowledge is to pass along our own experiences. That is encouraged in SNAP meetings. We express how we feel and what has worked for us and let others listen and take from that what makes sense to them and what will help them.

The Rose

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

When you grow up in a dysfunctional situation….and by that I mean one in which the concept of self and what it means to be loved and your worthiness for affection and attention…are not ideal to set you on the path towards a future of healthy adulthood…life can be confusing.

Survivor Speak Out: Statement by Richard Hayes Phillips

The below statement was given by Richard Hayes Phillips during the Survivor Speak Out sponsored by SNAP, The Army of Survivors, and Together 4 Girls on April 8 World Day for Prevention. We are grateful to Richard for sharing his story with us and hope it inspires other survivors to come forward and find their own path towards healing, prevention, and justice.

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