SNAP Supporter & Donor Profile: Many Hands Make Light Lifting: Dan McNevin

This profile was written by Patrick Price, Fundraising and Development Manager of SNAP, to honor our courageous and dedicated supporters and donors.

In the early 1970’s from the age of 10 to 13 years old, Dan McNevin of Fremont, California, was groomed and abused by his parish priest, Father James A. Clark. For years Dan felt persistent shame and confusion. He abandoned his faith and he believed he was the only boy to have experienced such abuse by Clark, who, unbeknownst to Dan, was already on probation for a sexual felony when Clark was assigned to Dan’s parish. Later, Dan would learn that his brother had also been systematically sexually assaulted by Father Clark.

In 2002 when the Boston Spotlight scandal made headlines and the California legislature opened its first retroactive window, Dan, then a 42-year-old adult, contacted the Oakland Diocese hoping to learn about Clark and whether Clark had been moved around similar to the Spotlight scandal. The Oakland chancellor lied to him, saying Oakland “was not like Boston”. Dan discovered the lie through a media outlet reported that other Oakland priests were shuffled from place to place. At that point, Dan filed a lawsuit to seek the truth through the secular court system; the chancellor could lie to him without reprisal, but not if under oath. The lies he heard as an adult opened his eyes to an evil nearly as great as the abuse; the systemic dishonesty still persistent in the church, and he saw that dangers persisted, so reforms had to be forced upon the bishops running the show. It was through the deposition process that he discovered Clark was already a convicted felon. The discovery of that lie meant the bishop had lied to others, and as result, 56 cases settled on the same day.

New Book Release: Clergy Abuse within the Serbian Orthodox Church

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A look at Clergy Abuse within the Serbian Orthodox Church from Bojan Jovanovic

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Powerstories Theatre in Tampa, FL is confronting the often-shrouded, controversial topic of abuse in the Catholic Church in Ireland with CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: THE MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES.

For twenty-two years, Powerstories has been driven by giving voice to women. Now, more than ever in our history, we refuse to whisper, defying the stigma of talking about abuse in religion. We are honored to debut this vastly unknown story based on Ireland's sordid religious history. CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: THE MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES is live at the theatre from April 28 to May 15 and live-streamed on April 30, May 7, May 14, and May 15.

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Shame On You, Shameful and Defeated Serbia - A blog by Bojan Jovanovic

At this doorstep of Christian suffering that Good Friday represents, at this doorstep of Christian joy that Easter, the resurrection of Christ, brings it is fitting to be reminded that it is up to us all to contribute to the end of sexual violence, abuse and assault against children and young people. And when it comes to ending such abuse and suffering brought upon by members of the clergy and Church hierarchies, by the Church, then indeed Christians especially are morally and otherwise duty bound to assist in rooting out such evil from the temples of God on earth.

SNAP Supporter & Donor Profile: Self-Empowerment: Michael Roberts

This profile was written by Patrick Price, Fundraising and Development Manager of SNAP, to honor our courageous and dedicated supporters and donors.

For more than a decade, beginning at age 17, Michael Roberts was mentally and emotionally dominated and sexual abused by a Catholic priest, whom I will refer to as “Fr. Gregory.” Michael’s trauma began at his high school in his hometown in Massachusetts. At first, Michael viewed the priest as a charismatic and caring man, almost a second father, who invited him to outings, events, and his residence. Fr. Gregory seemed to be a compassionate man who in time integrated himself deeply into Michael’s family. His parents loved and trusted the priest whom they regularly invited to family dinners and vacations. Yet, inside this man who beamed with love lurked a dark shadow, one that would eventually engulf Michael.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Here are a few ways to get invovlved

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year we are leading a couple of great events that we want you to be involved in. Read on for more information and how you can help us recognize survivors during Sexual Assault Awareness Month:


Empowering Survivors through our Survivor Speak Out

This April, we are again partnering with our friends at The Army of Survivors to hold a Survivor Speak Out. This event will be held virtually on April 13 from 4 to 6 PM ET.

At this event, we will have an opportunity for approximately 10 people to share their stories and experiences and welcome all survivors of sexual abuse as well as allies, advocates, friends, and family. 

Here's how you can get involved:

Please register to join us, even if you don't want to speak, and be there to support the survivors who are speaking out. If you know a survivor you think might want to share their story, please share the registration info with them.


A resource for survivors, supporters, and advocates

The website has a number of helpful resources for survivors. It has been recently updated.
~How to research an abuser
~What to say to a victim
~Why does it take decades to report

SNAP Supporter & Donor Profile: No More Shame: Brian Toale

This profile was written by Patrick Price, Fundraising and Development Manager of SNAP, to honor our courageous and dedicated supporters and donors.

In the early 1970s during most of his senior year in high school, Brian Toale was sexually abused by a faculty member who ran the Ham Radio Club of which Brian was a member. For more than 20 years, Brian’s struggle with the effects of those events led him ultimately to 12 Step recovery and therapy, which allowed him to slowly, over the next 25 years, put his life back together. He came to realize that the sexual abuse was not his fault and the shame he had felt all those years should never have been his to bear.

In order to “move on” and symbolically give back the shame, Brian wrote a letter to the principal of his old high school describing the facts and details of what he had undergone during the sexual abuse encounter and the effects the abuse had on his life. The goal of his letter was closure and as Brian puts it, to bring “relief to his mind and spirit.”

Italy, what kind of country are you?


Marc Artzrouni, Europe Coordinator

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

[email protected]

February 21, 2022 

Italy is a country that has had a long and cozy relationship with the Vatican which sits in the heart of Rome. Italy is a country where 80% of the population is catholic and the Church's moral authority is mostly unchallenged. Italy is a country which under Mussolini signed a treaty with the Vatican that provides the latter with "legal autonomy" from the Italian state.

Italy is a country where the priest Gianni Bekiaris can keep an eight-year-old boy in sexual slavery for 16 years.  When he was finally reported to religious authorities Bekiaris was found guilty under canon law and was banned from "administering his duties with minors" - but not defrocked.

As a result of the aforementioned "legal autonomy" and of Italy's statutes of limitations, Bekiaris escaped civil prosecution.  When ambushed by a BBC reporter who asked him if he was a pedophile, he answered that "those are your words".  He's right to protest: he's no pedophile, he's a monster,  a monster who's walking free.   How shocking is that? 


Victim of sexual violence of priests: The church hid under the auspices of political thugs

Despite the constant denial of the existence of organized pedophilia and sexual
abuse by the clergy of the Orthodox Churches who want to show it as individual
cases, the facts say the opposite, says the priest Bojan Jovanović.


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