A cycle of violence – and strategies to end it

When reading UNICEF’s recently released report on violence against children I was struck by the very first line; “Violence against children is universal – so prevalent and deeply ingrained in societies it is often unseen and accepted as the norm.”

Kay Goodnow of Kansas City MO passes

I'm sad to share the news that a dear friend and colleague, Kay Goodnow of Kansas City, has passed away at the age of 77.

Persistence pays off

There's tons of truth in the axiom "Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior."

Yet when a pope is picked, many predict - based solely on hope and ignoring considerable evidence - that he'll "be better" on abuse than his predecessor.

A murderer is "a priest in good standing"

Often headlines are a little misleading. The headline you just read is not. It's true.

On the very day that Pope Francis met with abuse victims, the Toledo Blade reported that a convicted murderer - who choked and stabbed a nun to death - would be buried with full priestly honors

He was the U.S bishops top abuse guy. And he never called the cops.

Not once.

Over a span of 18 years, that's how often the one-time head of the US bishops child sex abuse panel called police about admitted, proven or credibly accused predator priests.

An open letter to the U.S. head of the Marianists:


Dear Fr. Solma

We look forward to the arrival of Fr. Charles H. Miller back in the US.

Everyone got it wrong in Boston rabbi case

By David Clohessy

I feel sorry for headline writers. I really do. They've got so little space to both summarize long stories AND attract readers' attention. 

"Twice convicted & put back on the job"

Five years ago, Fr. Norman Rogge died.

This week, posted his work history. Please read just these two sentences about Rogge and let them sink in:

SNAP Leaders Honored

Two weeks ago, New Jersey's attorney general honored our state director Mark Crawford for his tireless work and ceaseless compassion for sex abuse victims. Crawford received the Ronald W. Reagan Award, which is the first of its kind given by the attorney general’s office. 

Why Catholic officials are "picked on" about abuse

Fr. John Geoghan may be America's most prolific predator priest, with at least 150 victims over a 36 year clerical career. (He's not, however, the most efficient. That distinction goes to Mexico's Fr. Nicholas Aguilar Rivera who, in just 10 months in Los Angeles, reportedly assaulted 26 kids.)

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