"Twice convicted & put back on the job"

Five years ago, Fr. Norman Rogge died.

This week, posted his work history. Please read just these two sentences about Rogge and let them sink in:

SNAP Leaders Honored

Two weeks ago, New Jersey's attorney general honored our state director Mark Crawford for his tireless work and ceaseless compassion for sex abuse victims. Crawford received the Ronald W. Reagan Award, which is the first of its kind given by the attorney general’s office. 

Why Catholic officials are "picked on" about abuse

Fr. John Geoghan may be America's most prolific predator priest, with at least 150 victims over a 36 year clerical career. (He's not, however, the most efficient. That distinction goes to Mexico's Fr. Nicholas Aguilar Rivera who, in just 10 months in Los Angeles, reportedly assaulted 26 kids.)

3 accusers, 1 settlement but he's still a pastor

Almost exactly a decade ago, the case of Fr. Alex Anderson was resolved in the St. Louis archdiocese. Remember this case the next time Pope Francis claims the church gets "picked on" over how it deals with child sex crimes. 

"Media bias?"

Catholic officials hastily cry "media bias" at many stories about clergy sex crimes and cover ups. 

Pope 'recycles' old abuse excuses & defenses. What's next?

The Associated Press' Rome bureau reports that Pope Francis is now “using the defensive rhetoric of the Vatican from a decade ago.”

Religious orders - sometimes "independent," sometimes not

Bishops consistently claim they aren't responsible for child sex crimes and cover ups committed by religious order clerics. "They're totally separate from us," bishops repeatedly say about the Jesuits, Salesians, Benedictines and the like.

A movement hero, Roy Simmons, passes on

Our first SNAP member who played in the NFL and to publicly speak out about his childhood trauma, Roy Simmons, has passed away, and our hearts go out to his family during this difficult and painful time.

New pope, same secrecy pledge

Many assume or believe that Pope Francis is making significant changes in the church. We're pretty skeptical of this claim. 

Victims Want Real Change from Pope

In less than a year Pope Francis has changed the image of the Church by preaching tolerance and wading into crowds to embrace the sick. Few doubt his sincerity. But there’s one area in which the Church hasn’t changed in image or substance: Its stance on child sex abuse by the clergy.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child meets this week in Geneva to, among other things, investigate child sex abuse by Catholic clergy. The Vatican is sending representatives and announced it will put together another panel to look into the issue.

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