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Dear Survivors and Supporters of SNAP,

We call on you take action.

Tim Lennon



The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report created a firestorm. Communities across the nation demand action. Several states are looking at some form of investigation as the result of our call, NY, IL, NE, MD, AZ, RI, LA, MO. We need to propel these attorneys general forward to action. We have lit a fire. There is no going back.

Open a Window for Justice Campaign

CHILD USA ( is raising funds to pay for a media campaign that will educate the public on what child sex abuse survivors need, in the wake of the PA Grand Jury Report jury that exposed abuse in six dioceses. It will feature survivors who testified to the grand jury and the lawmaker and survivor who has been leading the charge for justice in the state of Pennsylvania, Rep. Mark Rozzi

Your support will help transform statute of limitations reform nationwide. Donate to this sister organization.

CrowdRise Donation for Open a Window


Attorneys in Pennsylvania who may be able to represent your interests

Richard Serbin, Altoona PA  814-944-4384

Kevin Abromawich, Philadelphia PA   888.919.6237

Alan Perer, Pittsburgh PA    866-281-1970

Mitchell Garabedian, Boston MA   888-995-2214 

Jeff Herman, Florida   800-686-9921 

Jeff Anderson, Minnesota   888.919.6237

Mathews and Associates, Philadelphia  215-344-7553 


The recent horrific exposure of widespread abuse of children in Pennsylvania brings many survivors forward to take action.  An attorney can best advocate for you and represent your interests. 

A couple points to remember: 

~Most attorneys will take cases on contingency, where they get a percentage of any award or settlement you receive. 

~The process may take a couple of months stretching to a year or more.

~The process can be difficult. Opposing attorneys can be aggressive and harsh.

Prominent Catholic Leader Calls for Grand Jury in Every State

Illinois State Supreme Court Justice Ann Burke was appointed by the US Conference of Bishops to the original National Review Board in 2004. The Bishops reacted to the exposure of by the Boston Globe Spotlight Series demonstrating widespread and historic sexual abuse by clergy.
Now she call for civil grand juries in every state. "That's the only way I see something happening," she told National Catholic Reporter.
Officials in Pennsylvania said their investigation is not over. State Attorney General Josh Shapiro said his office's hotline and email accounts for abuse survivors have "lit up" with 400 more calls since the grand jury report was published.

SNAP Calls for Action in Pennsylvania -- Monday, Aug. 20th and Tuesday, Aug. 21st

SNAP Calls for Action -- Monday, Aug. 20th and Tuesday, Aug. 21st

Apologies and gestures are meaningless with out action

Join us Erie, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Scranton, and Allentown

Call to Action

We ask that you support these events in the six dioceses and attend the SNAP support groups.

The PA grand jury report has awoken many. It's a great opportunity for us to reach out to victims who may still be silent, isolated and ashamed. Let's help find these people and help them!
We urge you to please take these steps 
1. Call your local news media. Tell them you're a clergy sex abuse survivor & member of SNAP. And let them know you're willing and able to do interviews about the crisis in general and the grand jury report in particular. (IF you want to stay anonymous, they'll usually understand and accommodate you.)
2. Write comments under on-line articles about the scandal and/or short letters to the editor outlining what you think should be done now to help protect the vulnerable, heal the wounded and expose the truth. 

The Pennsylvania grand jury has world wide media attention and an outpouring of support from every sector and nation. 

PENNSYLVANIA Actions, Rallies, Support Groups 

Harrisburg PA    Becky Innai,  (703) 801-6044 

Press event

Monday, August 20th

12:30 pm

Diocese of Harrisburg offices

4800 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA.

Support meeting

August 20th

3-4:30 pm

McCormick Riverfront Library at 101 Walnut St, Harrisburg, PA 17101.

<more events, resources, and links below>

Scranton PA   Tim Lennon, President, (415) 312-5820

Press event

Monday, August 20th

11 am

Cathedral of St. Peter, 315 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503

Support Group

Monday, August 20th

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm 

Albright Memorial Library, 500 Vine Street, Scranton PA 18509  

Allentown PA     Tim Lennon, President, (415) 312-5820

Press Event

Tuesday, August 21st

11 am

Cathedral of St Catharine of Siena, 1825 W Turner St, Allentown, PA 18104 

Support group

Tuesday, August 21st

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Allentown Public Library, 1210 Hamilton St, Allentown, PA 

Pittsburgh PA   Judy Jones,, (636) 433-2511

Press Event

Monday, August  20th

11 am
Pittsburgh diocese headquarters (chancery office), 111 Boulevard of the Allies (corner of Stanwix) in Pittsburgh, PA

Greensburg PA   Judy Jones,, (636) 433-2511

Press Event

Monday, August 20th

1:30 pm
Greensburg diocese headquarters,  723 E Pittsburgh St, in Greensburg, PA
SNAP Support Group

Monday, August 20th

6-pm to 8-pm

Meeting at Carnegie Library-Southside Branch, Pittsburgh
2205 East Carson St., Pittsburgh, PA

Erie PA      Judy Jones,, (636) 433-2511
Press Event

Tuesday, Aug 21st

11:30 am
Erie diocese chancery office, St. Mark Catholic Center, 429 E. Grandview Blvd Erie, PA 
SNAP Support  Group

August 21st

6 pm to 8 pm

Public library -- Blasco Memorial Library
160 East Front Street, Erie, PA 


Further Support Available

SARCC (Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center) is a nonprofit providing no-cost counseling, support, and prevention education for sexual violence in Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties. 

717-270-6972 // 570-628-2965

KCIT (Keystone Crisis Intervention Team), a statewide group of volunteers that support victims and their communities after a criminal crisis.  KCIT is here to support the communities affected by the recent report.  We had provided support to churches after the Philadelphia report was released in 2013.

If you hear of any churches or communities group that may need help processing this or are holding an event that they need emotional support staff for, please let them know that KCIT is available, free of charge.  They can call and talk to me about their current needs at 1-855-767-5248.

Also, please let me know if there is anyway KCIT can support SNAP in this challenging time.  Thank you.

Michelle Kern, MA

KCIT Coordinator

Network of Victim Assistance

2370 York Rd., Suite B1

Jamison, PA 18929

(215) 343-6543 


LINKS  Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network   Darkness to Light  Together We Heal  Road to Recovery  MaleSurvivor  National Association of Adult Survivors of Child Abuse   Victims with the Protestant community   Ending Clergy Abuse (International Organization)  

Special note for special people:    Maintain database of known Catholic clergy abusers as well the

Historians of our movement.  Books, articles, research on the foundation and scope of the sexual abuse of

children within the church. Richard Sipe, a warrior for survivors recently passed, he is mourned

by all who knew him. His life’s work gave authority to the harm we only knew ourselves.

SNAP fact sheet on innovative legal moves against Catholic wrongdoers

--A Massachusetts priest, Fr. James R. Porter, was successfully prosecuted after moving across state lines to Minnesota, using an obscure law that dated from the 1800s. (He was one of the nation's most prolific predators, with more than 100 victims, in Texas, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Minnesota.)

--A Missouri priest, Fr. Thomas Graham, was convicted because then-Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce found and took advantage of an old and obscure legislative error. State lawmakers re-codified the criminal code and mistakenly did not include a statute of limitations on "crimes against nature." The next year, legislators corrected their mistake. But for that one year, Joyce successfully argued, the omission meant that offenders could still be charged decades later. (The state Supreme Court later reversed Graham's conviction, but the victim, Lyn Woolfolk, nonetheless felt validated. And through media coverage, Catholics learned more about abuse in the St. Louis archdiocese.)

Richard Sipe -- We lost a giant

Our movement has lost a giant. 
Precious few current and former church insiders have broken ranks, crossed sides, and actively helped abuse survivors. And virtually none who have bring as much experience and wisdom to the struggle as Richard. He's done so with a huge and generous heart and at great personal cost as well.
He has been a beacon of hope and source of support to thousands of wounded victims and betrayed Catholics, through his advocacy and his compassion. Richard's brilliance - in writings, depositions and court testimony - has helped many a prosecutor and civil attorney expose clerics who commit or conceal heinous child sex crimes, and has enabled many a juror better understand the byzantine structure of the church and the secretive self-dealing of Catholic officials. Richard spend decades doing research and interviews to better understand this on-going crisis and has used his impressive knowledge to help countless others focus on the root causes of abuses and cover ups.
David G. Clohessy

We Honor Richard Sipe and Mourn His Passing

Another warrior has fallen. 

Sadly, A.W. Richard Sipe passed away on August 8th. He was a courageous soul who did battle with the ignorance, arrogance, and mindless authoritarianism of the largest institution in the world, the Roman Catholic Church. He engaged with passion and argued with facts and research. He stood alongside survivors and fought with us and for us. He was a comrade in arms, linked to all of us.

Richard Sipe

Those of us who were fortunate enough to know Richard recognized his heroism and courage, which may not be apparent to those on the outside. We shall carry our warm memories forward and keep them close. Richard was indeed a hero, and his bravery will inspire us as we continue to move forward. He will be sorely missed.

We here at SNAP honor A. W. Richard Sipe and mourn his passing.

SNAP Board of Directors

Richard spent 18 years as a Benedictine monk and priest and trained specifically to deal with the mental health problems of priests. He conducted a 25-year ethnographic study of the celibate/sexual behavior of that population. His study, published in 1990, is now considered a classic. He served as a consultant and expert witness in hundreds of civil and criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of minors by priests. Richard is known internationally for his many books and studies. 

Here, Richard and Phil Saviano discuss the church's response to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct.

Richard has four books on SNAP's recommended reading list: Courage At Three AM, Sex, Priests and Power: Anatomy of a Crisis, Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church's 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse, and Celibacy in Crisis: A Secret World Revisited

2018 SNAP Conference Chicago

2018 SNAP Conference in Chicago

The conference was a great success and we really appreciate your feedback. SNAP will strive to make next year’s conference even better using the information that you shared with us. 

This was the first year that we lived streamed the conference. We experienced some technical difficulties that we will work to correct before next year’s conference. 

SNAP Conference Committee

Watch the SNAP Conference Online!

Evangelicals: The single most important change for #MeToo

Three alleged predators go to San Diego

By David Clohessy

It’s 23 degrees in St. Louis, the coldest day of winter so far. At times like this, my mind wanders to the hundreds of proven, admitted and credibly accused predator priests who’ve quietly been sent or moved to warmer clients.


Today, I think of two who are in San Diego and one who was arrested there:


--Fr. Denis Heames of Saginaw now works for San Diego lawyer Richard McEntyre (619-221-0279). He claims, on his Linked In page, that he moved to California for "family" reasons. But Fr. Heames makes no mention of the pending lawsuit against him which says he sexually exploited a 22 year old student who worked under him. Nor does he mention the findings by officials at Central Michigan University that he sexually harassed that brave young woman,

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