Into the Lion's Den

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

I’ve found it easier to help others and to listen to their stories. It’s also easier to dance around the subject of adult abuse by priests. It’s not so easy to discuss your own case or to have to face your past and your mistakes and your own shame.

How to Best Make Reports to the Bishop and Law Enforcement

By Steve Bartley, A SNAP Member and a Survivor, January 17, 2020

Important Deadline Reminder for California SNAP

This is an important deadline reminder for those in California.
Those survivors who are interested in participating in the Independent Compensation Program (ICP) for victims of childhood sexual abuse by a diocesan priest in the six participating California dioceses (Fresno, Orange, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego and Los Angeles) MUST register online by JANUARY 31, 2020.

Meet your new SNAP board members.

SNAP is taking on a few new board members moving forward into the new decade and we want you to be the first to know. 

Wishes for the Holidays and the New Year – A Survivor’s List

The idea to create these wish-lists came from a survivor named Buddy Robson who wanted to think of ways to combine the holiday giving season with the wishes and needs of survivors. These are wishes that we hope will come true for every survivor and will inspire others to get involved in child sexual abuse prevention in the new year in order to keep children safe, ensure survivors are supported, and help put an end to cases of sexual violence.

Guest Blog: Abuse Survivors Now Have More Time to Fight Back

by John Winer

Patrick Von Horn’s first memory of childhood abuse was of his mother screaming bloody murder after she witnessed a priest raping him. The horrifying attack is one of many instances of clergy abuse that Patrick repressed from his mind for decades until his mother’s death five years ago.

#WindowToJustice Now Open in New Jersey, But What Does This Mean for Survivors?

In mid-2019, the decades long hard work of advocates and legislators finally came to an end with the passage of civil statute of limitations reform for survivors of sexual violence in New Jersey. This law, one of the best in the nation, has led to new protections for children and new rights for all victims.

But what exactly does this mean for survivors?

What Helped Me

This blog was written by Adults Sexually Abused by Priests (ASAP)

What helped me survive the initial shock and betrayal that happened at the hands of my priest?

Getting Through the Holidays: Tips for Survivors

The aged old question of DO I STAY, or DO I GO is one that survivors of sexual abuse are fretting over during the holiday season.

It’s possible for you to gain some momentum in your healing journey by understanding how to put these holiday tips into play as you’re sitting around the Christmas, or Kwanza or Chanukah table!

If you were a child, who would you vote for?

This blog was written by Volunteer SNAP Leader Carol Yeager of Fayetteville, NC

Voting has power in our country because it promises to give everyone an equal voice in the affairs of our government.  Is it possible to give every demographic an equal voice by way of voting?  Is there any one group that is not represented somewhere in our elections?  I believe so.

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