Bill Cosby and Barak Obama

The other day, President Obama said he couldn’t revoke Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Honor. But I’d humbly like to tell the president: “You ain’t powerless.”  

I’m grateful Obama condemned Cosby’s crimes. He didn’t have to. It’s always tempting to change the subject when sexual violence comes up.

I think, however, the president copped out when he said “We do not have that mechanism,” a process to rescind the honor. But he isn’t powerless. He could propose or create such a mechanism.  

Obama also said “There’s no precedent for revoking a medal.” But he isn’t powerless. He could setprecedent or at least try.

A solid old adage springs to mind: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

(An alternative: Obama could lean on Congressional Democrats to pass a resolution slamming Cosby. Toothless? Sure. But comforting to sex crimes victims? Absolutely.)

The other day, a 94 year old man was convicted of crimes that took place 50 years ago on another continent. There was probably no precedent for that either.

But he was a Nazi war criminal. And because of the horror of his crimes, extraordinary measures were taken to bring him to justice and bring consolation to at least a few of his victims.

So a president who faces no re-election pressures and who radically revamped the US health care system has considerable power here to ameliorate a bit of the harm done to Cosby’s victims by our archaic, predator-friendly laws.   

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