Bidding War Taking Place in Santa Fe Shows Catholic Archdiocese Is Wealthier than It Claims

"Bidding war" and "bankruptcy" do not normally go hand in hand, but they do in the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe.

This proposed property transfer is a small example of the wealth owned by the Archdiocese. The Archbishop admits to owning hundreds of surplus and underused properties. We wonder why he declared bankruptcy when instead he could have met with survivors and their representatives, hammered out fair compensation for each victim, and then proceeded with insurance and property sales while not under the constraints of a bankruptcy.

The only reason we can think of is secrecy. Catholic officials have misused the bankruptcy court for years to keep information about perpetrators and enablers hidden and we believe that this is the case in Santa Fe. What led to this filing, we believe, was the desire of Santa Fe Archdiocesan leaders to keep that information from parishioners and the public.

Regardless, we now call on Archbishop John Wester to open up his files and to fully reveal who knew what, when they knew it, and what actions were taken with this knowledge. It is not just abusers who should be outed, but also those who protected the perpetrators, and the system that shuffled them in, around, and out of the Archdiocese as the abuse of children continues unabated. The best way to prevent future boys and girls from suffering is to know what went wrong in the past. We hope the secrets that the Archdiocese is hiding do not remain bottled up in this unnecessary bankruptcy.

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