Baptist Pastor Charged with Child Sex Abuse and Human Trafficking

A Baptist pastor from a Kalamazoo church has been charged with multiple counts of human trafficking and child sexual abuse, disturbing news that will hopefully rally the community to support his victims and take steps to encourage others who were hurt to come forward.

According to his attorney, Rev. Stricjavvar Strickland will turn himself in to Michigan State Police to be arraigned on 11 charges related to child sexual abuse and human trafficking. Communities are safer when such serious allegations are reported to law enforcement for prosecution.

Not only was Rev. Strickland the leader of a prominent Baptist community in Kalamazoo, but he was also the president of the Kalamazoo-area NAACP chapter from 2016-2018. A key part of the MO of many child abusers is to collect power and prestige. This is why we often see abusers in leadership positions in religious and social organizations. Because of this, we hope that the Kalamazoo NAACP will review their records related to Rev. Strickland and turn over any information that may be helpful to both the state police and Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

A.G. Nessel has been steadfast in her fight to protect children and the vulnerable by investigating cases of clergy abuse and cover-up. We believe that her leadership has provided an excellent example of how a willingness to take on powerful authorities can encourage local law enforcement and private citizens to be vigilant and to speak out.

We hope that this case will inspire others may have been hurt or seen misdeeds by Rev. Strickland or others to come forward to law enforcement, make a report, and help prevent future cases of abuse.

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