Aus- Victims slam lawyers who want abuse inquiry slowed

Those who want to slow down an inquiry into child sex crimes and cover ups are wrong. They may be well-intentioned. But they are essentially - and callously - resigning dozens or perhaps hundreds of innocent children to devastated lives.

Every day, kids are being molested, crimes are being covered up, and predators are being protected.

Some dangerous predators - and their irresponsible supervisors - are no doubt intimidating victims, threatening witnesses, and discrediting whistleblowers, fabricating alibis, destroying evidence, and leaving or preparing to leave the country. So delaying this inquiry helps wrongdoers and their allies while hurting victims and their families.

It always seems reasonable to say "let's be careful." But in this case, seeming reasonable and being reasonable are very different things. "Slow down" may sound responsible. But it's actually irresponsible.

Let's put the safety of children ahead of the concerns of adults. 

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