Archdiocese of Boston suspends priest, SNAP responds

We are grateful that the Archdiocese has notified the public that Rev. Joseph Byrne has been put on leave and that they have turned their evidence over to law enforcement. We hope that they will be sure to keep a tight rein on Rev. Byrne and monitor him closely now that he has been removed from ministry.

We urge Cardinal O’Malley to instruct his flock on how to respond appropriately when allegations of abuse surface. There may be some who will not believe these claims. It is important that parishioners don't make public statements or hold public demonstrations in support of this priest, as this will only deter other witnesses and victims from coming forward, and will intimidate those who already have come forward. Instead, they should be encouraged to support him privately, through prayers, calls or visits. (More ideas and tips can be found here:

What is most important at this stage is to allow the law enforcement investigation to play out. Anyone who has any information regarding Rev. Byrne or his alleged crimes should immediately contact Boston law enforcement.

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  • Annette Kissell Nestler
    commented 2012-05-29 10:09:00 -0500
    You are so right Patricia. It is hard for people to believe that everything they have been taught from birth could be so flaud. These henious crimes and the sad consequences they lead to (depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, promiscuity, addictions of all sorts and suicides) have been going on forever. We now KNOW better and it is the responsibility of this generation to stand up fight for what is right for their children and all children. We were taught priests were celebit, they were GOD and could do no wrong. This type of thinking only benefits the abuser (pedophile/predator). The RCC hierarchy is quite content to have it’s flock believe such non-sense, hence they can and do commit henious crimes with no consequences. We are witnessing a historic movement. The masses have had enough. Time to fix our laws for the protection of children and time for the RCC hierarchy to make restitution (reconciliation) to those they have harmed for both victims/survivors and their families.
    I am deeply saddend that the RCC heirarchy has had ten years to do so and continues to play their cover up games to protect their own crimes, power, money, and pensions. There is NO Spirituality in that. It is only self-serving. Everything, we as Catholic children were taught no to be.

    Annette Nestler-SNAP Southern New Jersey
  • Patricia Sulecki
    commented 2012-05-29 07:46:20 -0500
    We don’t want to believe that Priest or any Clergymen can Molest or hurt children" but we have to face this once and for all because the facts are there for all to see and to read"and if we don’t start beleiving this isn’t going to go away on it’s own"clergy abuse is decades old because "nobody wanted to beleive or they would turn a blind eye and sometime just sweep it under the carpet “lets face it not any of that helped the victims we stood alone for too long,all Priest should be treated from now on or any clergymen as a Child Molester” just because they wear that collar" why are they treated with kit gloves" I can’t and don’t understand that & l’ll never be able to. All of what I have read and heard on the news" Religion really isn’t used for spiritual anymore It’s like"Religion is being used for everthing else but" this is very sad !
  • Annette Kissell Nestler
    commented 2012-05-26 11:10:28 -0500
    It is critical that all Archdiocese/Diocese notify the public and law enforcement, when their is sufficient evidence regarding one of their priests or officials. Their internal revenues have proven to only exaserbate the situation, as we see with the covers ups and the years of damage caused in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Victims/survivors and their families deserve to heal. We, as the masses, need to demand accountability from our church officials. Prosecutors and polititians pay close attention. Look to people like Lynn Abraham in Philadelphia as a wonderful example, as to how our civil justice system can operate for the good of society.
  • David O'Regan
    commented 2012-05-26 08:16:24 -0500
    If Cardinal O’Malley was committed to doing everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of children and young people in Catholic parishes
    and institutions, he definitely would not be paying high priced lobbyist with church money to block the repeal of Statutes of Limitations for sexual abuse victims which protects innocent children by making institutions accountable. Liability is accountability. Call your state representatives and insist they unlike Cardinal O’Malley protect children by supporting the passage of Bill H.469 the repeal of Statutes of Limitations for sexual abuse victims. Your children and I thank you.
  • David Clohessy
    published this page in Official SNAP Media Statements 2012-05-25 15:00:38 -0500

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