Another Abuse and Cover-up Lawsuit Filed Against a Catholic School, this time in Oklahoma City

For Immediate Release: May 20, 2022

A lawsuit against a prominent Catholic high school in Oklahoma City that was filed by ten current and former students alleges that the school fostered a “rape culture” that has persisted since at least 2011. We applaud these brave students and their parents for coming forward and using their experiences and voices to force a change and create a safer school for future students.

According to the lawsuit, administrators and officials at Mount St. Mary’s Catholic High School have known for more than a decade that rape and sexual assault was rampant at the school, but rather than take action to protect students, those same employees instead worked to keep these incidences hidden to protect the reputation of the school. It is notable to us that the school’s president, vice president, and school counselor all resigned last year when the allegations started to surface. We believe this is a clear sign that there is merit to these allegations and call on police and prosecutors will look deeply into this case to see if any crimes were committed and to mete out justice.

It is disappointing, but not surprising, that once again the weight of the fight for justice and truth must be borne by these young victims and their families. Instead of choosing to protect these young girls and foster their growth as a school is supposed to, they were shamed and are now having to advocate for themselves. It is impossible to understate their courage and we know that schools throughout Oklahoma will be made safer thanks to the powerful voices of these young women. We hope that their actions will reverberate and will encourage others who have experienced sexual assault and been silenced to find the strength to come forward and start healing.

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