All Survivors Day -- November 3rd -- A National day to recognize survivors of sexual abuse

All Survivors Day

Save the date’ for a National All Survivors Day on November 3, 2018.

This event is designed for all survivors of sexual abuse, not just children, not just in religious communities, but everywhere, including: on college campuses, in the military, within sports, and in schools, just to name a few. 

What We Propose:

A National day to recognize survivors of sexual abuse and rape

All Survivors Day, November 3rd.

It is an extension of All Saints Day November 1st, and All Souls Day on the 2nd. What follows is All Survivors Day on November 3rd.


The recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report spotlighted the horrific ubiquity of sexual abuse within one institution; it also pointed to the truth that this scourge is far-reaching, across society, organizations, and events. The horrific findings of the grand jury wholly confirm the understanding of all advocates in the field of sexual abuse and human rights—this happens everywhere—churches, universities, sports teams, military, schools.

~We want to call out to victims and survivors, and say, we are with you.

~We welcome your stories. We honor your courage. You are not alone.

~We especially want to cultivate and create a welcoming culture where victims feel safe to step forward. As you know, most victims of sexual abuse never step forward.

National Audience:

Although this is a nationwide event, we anticipate both local and organizational adaptability. In similar fashion to Child Abuse Month, various organizations could/should organize and mobilize in keeping with their organizational mission.


~Shine a light on the widespread sexual violence nationally and internationally.

~Recognize those who have been abused and the importance of giving them support.

~Protect the vulnerable, particularly children from sexual attack.

~Create a welcoming culture, allowing victims to safely step forward.

Mobilize, Organize, and Inform:

A nationwide event provides an opportunity for the human rights movement to work collectively for a common agenda and action. It builds solidarity and from that solidarity builds power. This can be used to mobilize communities to take action.

A national All Survivors Day helps to inform the community and raise awareness that helps protect children and the vulnerable.

What We Need from Every Organization: 

~Feedback, amendments, criticisms of this action

~Promotion from your organization in the forms of moral support, monetary support, promoting the event (mailing to your members and media contacts)

~Extending the invitation to allies and sister organizations, gymnasts, wrestlers, local rape crisis centers, Weinstein victims, etc.

Next Steps:

  1. Form a national organizing committee who will finalize goals, objectives, speaking points, themes, press releases, etc.
  2. Embrace our solidarity and extend it to organizations beyond the original organizers
  3. Tentatively, we plan to have videoconference on September 17, 2018 for those interested in organizing. This will be followed by an organizing meeting the first week of October in a location to be determined. We propose Philadelphia, PA for this meeting as Pennsylvania is the locus of intense scrutiny and notice that we can build on.

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    I sat and read psalms.
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