Alaska can learn from new movie 'Spotlight' how to bring abuse out of the shadows

Trevor Storrs, December 27, 2015, Alaska Dispatch News

The new Star Wars movie has grabbed everyone’s attention. However, there is another must-see movie – "Spotlight."  This new movie, directed by Thomas McCarthy, stars Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams as the real-life Spotlight investigative journalist team for The Boston Globe. In 2001, they uncovered a pattern of sex abuse by Catholic priests in Boston and how the Catholic Church covered it up. 

While the church lays at the center of the scandal, the movie lays clear that the blame falls on all the members of the community who saw the signs and refused to acknowledge them.

We won’t learn any specific strategies or solutions to prevent child abuse from this film, but it does teach one very important lesson  . . . 

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