After decades of injustice, the sex crime revolution arrives

WITH a celebratory, yet very holy, time of the year approaching, it is time to reflect on the rapidly unfolding religious revolution in Australia.

This uprising is the stuff of the thousands of victims of Catholic clergy sex crimes, and their families. After decades of obstruction and further harm from a self-serving, dishonest and defiant church, these courageous people have rallied with their loud and clear collective voice.

This voice has finally overpowered what have previously been resistant federal governments, all of which have been shamefully beholden to the Catholic Church.

The national royal commission, announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, will indeed nourish this revolution.

In protecting its most vulner...

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  • Marisa Ramirez
    commented 2012-12-07 13:59:39 -0600
    In addition to that, there is more homosexual legal marriages in several countries in 2012. That means, less support to church by loving parents whom had been quiet victims and by the love of their children (if any) hopefully, are NOT going to let priest pray on theirs.
    I would be very disappointed, if these new parents put their beloved children thru potential devastating and eternal harm, as they where once put by their irresponsable deceived paretns as I once was.
    Blinded and hipnotized with their lies and hipocrecy,
    When science has already proven GOD and creation, and therefore the son of GOD with his birth etc.
    Not to mention the destruction of the planet created with it, if true.
    Of course catholics are the kings of scandals and inmoral behavior truout 2000 years, other Christians follows.
    Next will come the hallution state of mind in which the Torah was written (by some allegedly Jewish man) and with it, the destruction of all those books that were created after that such as the biblie and quran.
    never letting women even read them much less touching them, “for the benefit of all sentient beings”
    And I almost forget, we are about to find out which one was the end of televisa soaopera if the bastard son of abraham or the legitimate.
    it will come when we know which race end up surrounded and the savior comes in a white horse from the heaven, or some sort of story like that.
    I am going to have to read it again, and refresh.
    Before he comes and psichiatry puts him in a mental institution with or without charges of claiming to be the second messiah. Just like assange or manning. Who knows, maybe he’ll end up in Guantanamo, you never know.

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