Additions to the Diocese of Fresno's List of Accused Clergy

The below list of accused priests was compiled by SNAP Northern California leader Joey Piscitelli. These are men who worked and spent time in the Diocese of Fresno but are not listed on the diocesan list of accused priests.

 Name                                                              Source                                  Status       

Fr.Willaim Allison                                          BA, OCD                              sued, acc

Fr. Gaspar Bautista                                Fresno Bee 10/29/18, OCD          accused

Fr. Brian Bjorklund                                         BA, OCD                            accuse

Fr. John Bradley                                              BA, OCD                            sued, acc

Fr. Tod Brown                                                 BA, OCD                             accused

Fr. Stuart Campbell                                        BA , J AA, OCD                   sued, acc

Fr. Hermy Ceniza                                           BA, OCD                              sued, acc

Fr. James Collins                                            BA, OCD                             sued, acc

Fr. Basil Congro                                              BA, OCD                             sued, acc

Fr Donlad Farmer                                           BA, OCD                            arrested

Fr Don Flickinger                                           BA, OCD                             sued,acc

Fr. Miguel Flores                                            BA, OCD                         case reopened

Fr. Benjamin Gabriel                                      BA, OCD                          accused,    sued

Fr. Robert Gamel                                            BA, OCD                             convicted

Fr. Louis Garcia                                              BA, OCD                           accused

Fr. Craig Harrison                                           BA, OCD                           accused

Fr. Anthony Herdegan                                    BA, OCD                            sued, acc

Fr.Vincent O' Connell                                    BA, OCD                             sued, acc

Fr. Joseph Pacheco                                        BA, OCD                             sued, acc

Fr Thomas Purcell                                         BA, OCD                          convicted    

Fr. Eric Swearingen                                       BA, OCD                          accused, sued



BA = Bishopaccountability

JAA- Jeff Anderson Associates

OCD = Official Catholic Directory


List compiled by Joey Piscitelli   5-19

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